Supernatural: Blade Runners, Review

Supernatural team bag their first blade in Blade Runners

It is one step forward and two steps back for the Winchester boys as Supernatural returns from its mini-break. Sam and Dean finally get the First Blade that they need to kill Abaddon, but it all goes south when Crowley double-crosses them.

While on the search for the First Blade, Sam and Dean follow the blade’s trail until they realize an ex-member of the Men of Letters has a hold of it. This guy had ended up on the MoL naughty list for good reason—he abuses the spells he knows so well for his own gain. It was interesting to see a little Men of Letters history brought back into the story, especially since Sam and Dean are staying in their old headquarters.

The former Men of Letters guy’s hidden home was really cool, and I almost wish there were more shots showing all the oddities he had collected. The production designer did a great job filling this place with curiosities, making it look like it belonged to an eccentric millionaire obsessed with the supernatural. There was one thing that was off, though. Very clearly in a few shots in the hallways we can see a normal thermostat. This guy who’s good with every spell imaginable probably doesn’t need a modern convenience for temperature control.

Crowley actually showed a needy side, being hooked on human blood like it’s a drug and his new playmate Lola. Lola serves to distract Crowley and spread news to Abaddon’s followers that the Winchesters are after the blade. Crowley’s issues in the beginning of the episode explain why he’s taking so long to get to the blade and why he is less cautious around the boys. I expected Crowley’s human blood fixation to come into play later on, but that bit of the story tapered off without much explanation.

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I don’t believe Crowley would have double crossed them at the end if Sam hadn’t been so adamant on being a jerk to him. Likely if Sam hadn’t said to Dean right in front of Crowley that they don’t need him anymore, they might have retained the King of Hell as an ally for a little while longer and kept a hand on the blade. Instead, the boys are gonna have to go searching for Crowley and the blade again. Oh yeah, and that blade will probably force Dean to have some Cain-like feelings again and nearly kill Sam. Hey, it’s a theory.

It was a strong episode to come back on and I’m very glad they didn’t have Snooki in the episode very long. She was there long enough for Sam and Dean to make the “this explains some things” joke and exorcise her. Crowley was such a highlight of the episode, showing an emotional side when he’s cracked out on human blood and making his usual quips that drive The Moose crazy. Hopefully, more strong episodes are on the way, and Sam and Dean don’t make mistakes like they made in this episode with Crowley.


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4 out of 5