Supernatural Final Episodes Trailers Arrive Ahead of October Return

The intense trailers for the COVID-delayed last episodes of Supernatural tease a tour de force of a final run.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in Supernatural Season 15's final episodes
Photo: The CW

The CW’s veteran wayward son of a show, Supernatural, will soon carry on towards whatever peace there’ll be when it is gone. It’s a notion that feels a lot more real with the release of trailers for the final seven episodes of Season 15, which happen to be the final episodes of the series…period.

While a pandemic-pushed delay may have resulted in a stay of sorts for Supernatural fans who aren’t ready to let go of the series, Sam and Dean Winchester are solidly scheduled to face the music (in a more serious scenario than Bill & Ted,) starting Thursday, October 8 when their beloved Impala crosses into the show’s proverbial last stretch on The CW road. With that set, check out some bittersweet trailer offerings for the show’s final episodes just below, starting with a teaser.

Brandishing the ominous title, “Trouble,” the teaser for Supernatural Season 15’s concluding episodes starts with a context-setting nostalgic trip highlighting Dean Winchester’s lifelong role as big brother and sacrificial protector to Sam; a cycle that seems destined to be broken in some manner—as frequently teased by the currently antagonistic Chuck/God—by the time we reach the series climax. Yet, contrasting that theme with apocalyptic countdown-inducing imagery, the clip also shows glimpses of moments to come, with random shots of the Winchesters typically “saving people, hunting things,” for “the family business.” Oh, and we also see Dean rocking old-style pink pajamas, pom-pom-drooping cap and all. So, there’s that. Oh, but wait, there’s more!

A lengthier version of the trailer, titled “Run Baby Run,” arrived today, bearing similar context-setting scenes about the show’s demon-slaying siblings, mixed with some additional footage. As you can see, while another famous duo of siblings in the Blues Brothers famously went on a mission from God, the Winchesters’ mission here is to actually kill God, via their recently upgraded half-celestial ally, Jack. Of course, there is a slight complication here, since their omnipotent quarry happens to control space and time.

Pertinently, when we last left Sam and Dean, they were in the midst of a planet-wide search—at one point even involving doppelgangers of themselves from an alternate universe—to find a celestial-level weapon of some kind that can put a stop to the new destructive designs of Chuck/God. Indeed, they seem to have found such a thing in the Occultum, a divine artifact that ended up having the effect of taking their powers-drained Nephilim friend, Jack, to the Garden of Eden for a profound experience, after which he returned with his mojo and lost soul restored, wielding a power of some sort that could be a threat to the off-the-reservation deity and his reality-destroying designs. However, with the Winchesters’ exploits having disturbed the murky eternal inertia of The Darkness, the show’s climactic confrontations will more than likely involve that uber-powerful force as well.

The series-ending process is already playing out, and Supernatural is now on schedule to make its final haul, with production having resumed in Vancouver this month after COVID halted everything back in the spring. For viewers, said final haul will start on Thursday, October 8 at 8 p.m. ET with the premiere of Episode 14, “Last Holiday,” until the show reaches a hopefully-epic crescendo with Episode 20, “Carry On,” on Thursday, November 19 at 9 p.m. ET., prefaced by the 8 p.m. airing of hourlong series retrospective Supernatural: The Long Road Home.

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