Supergirl Season 3: Melissa Benoist Teases Mon-El Reunion, Legion’s Arrival

When will Mon-El return to Supergirl? And what will his reunion with Kara look like?

With the official announcement that the Legion of Super-Heroes will be coming to Supergirl, more or less comes the confirmation that Mon-El, too, will be returning. After all, Kara’s Romeo is a long-standing member of the Legion.

Den of Geek was part of a group of reporters on the Supergirl set yesterday. We talked to Melissa Benoist (Kara) about what to expect from Mon-El’s return and Kara’s interaction with the Legion.

“It won’t be the reunion you expect,” teased Benoist, confirming that the big reunion will go down in Season 3, Episode 7, “Wake Up,” which will see Winn and the team investigating a mysterious crashed ship deep underwater beneath National City.

“It’s pretty mysterious,” continued Benoist of the Kara/Mon-El reunion. “I think this season, we’ve really delved into a different tone, a different atmosphere for Kara. She’s really figuring out how to own her alien-ness, if you will, and in turn I think she’s finding her womanhood at the same time through grief and that grief is apparent even in the coloring of the show.”

As for the Legion, Benoist joked that, given the number of hints Supergirl has dropped over the last two and a bit seasons, the announcement of their arrival probably didn’t come as a major surprise to most fans.

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“I don’t want to tease too much,” said Benoist, “but the fact that the Legion is coming to the show has such a hold in the comic book world, especially with Superman, Martian Manhunter, specifically. That’s really exciting for us. For Kara, it’s a brand new set of problems that you’ll see pretty quickly.”

When asked if Kara might have a romantic connection with Brainiac 5 (played here by Jesse Rath), as she does in the comics, Benoist said: “We’ve only just introduced the two of them. What we’re working on now. I can’t really tease anything. I think my lips have to be sealed on that one.”

Rath will first appear as Brainiac 5 in Season 3, Episode 10, titled “Legion of Super-Heroes.”