Supergirl: Melissa Benoist on Kara/Mon-El Relationship

What's next for these two crazy kids now that Mike of the Interns is looking outside of Catco for work?

The last few episodes of Supergirlseason two have seen a lot of movement in the Kara/Mon-El relationship as Kara went from being prejudiced against the Daxamite to trying to make him into her “own personal Ken doll” (as Melissa Benoist described it during our on-set interview) to being two alien refugees just trying to be there for each other. (It’s kind of adorable.)

We chatted with both Benoist and Chris Wood last week about what’s next for these two crazy alien kids. Here’s what Benoist had to say about Kara’s latest Mon-El-related exploits:

I think … [Kara] kind of didn’t realize she was living vicariously through [Mon-El] to fulfill that process she made to her parents to protect Kal-El. So I think, from that point forward, it’s really Kara learning and trying to just get to know and be tolerant of Mon-El and how different he is from her. So when that settles, I think it gives them a much broader profile to grow from as friends, as allies, even though they come from these warring planets.

Wood added that, though Mon-El might be getting to know Kara and her group of Earth-friends, he is “still an outsider,” elaborating:

These guys all know each other, they work together, they’re related by blood and by family, and they all sort of have this history together and he’s still on the outside. I think that sits with him kind of in a difficult place and it takes him a little while to adjust to that and finding his role in this group other than Kara who he can talk to and connect to and sort of feel like himself.

What next for Kara and Mon-El now that Kara is loosening the reins and letting her padawan find his own path? Wood teased:

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The mentor-mentee relationship is how she first opens up to not just hating him because he’s [from] Daxam. And I think from there it’s nice that whatever their differences are, they sort of fade away and they find their similarities that they can cling to and they become friends.

But she’s definitely still someone he looks to as an example because she’s got it all figured out. She has the same powers which are more honed and developed. And she also has this great sense of right and wrong which Mon-El doesn’t really understand. He didn’t grow up with that. He wasn’t taught that exact moral compass, so that’s his journey of finding his place.

Well that doesn’t sound like Mon-El is going to turn into Kara’s antagonist at all. Probably. Maybe.

Wood said that, in the near future, Mon-El won’t be as focused on becoming a superhero (or supervillain) as much as just trying to fit in and be “normal,” elaborating:

Once we have ‘Mike’ figured out, we can come back and see what part of [Mon-El] will fit into the DEO level, if any … I think, with time, we’ll see him find which part of what Kara does inspires him and try to hold on to that as a common force to hopefully join up with them.

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