Stone Cold Steve Austin May Appear on The Big Show Show Season 2

Exclusive! If The Big Show Show season 2 happens on Netflix, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin may appear.

Photo: WWE

Former WWE champion, and arguably the biggest wrestling superstar of all-time, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin hasn’t done much scripted television since his retirement from pro wrestling in 2002. Austin has done his share of reality television and has also appeared in some movies while hosting his own successful podcast, The Steve Austin Show, on PodcastOne. 

But the Big Show, who is starring in his own scripted sitcom on Netflix titled The Big Show Show, said that he has a verbal commitment from Austin for him to make an appearance in season two of The Big Show Show if the series gets renewed by Netflix.

“Well now that we’ve had a little bit of success, I think a lot of guys are willing to (to make an appearance),” Big Show tells Den of Geek. “When it’s an unknown product, they’re like, ‘Ah.’ But we’ll see. I mean, I did Broken Skull Sessions with Stone Cold who hates scripted TV. It’s just not his thing. But I got a verbal commitment that Stone Cold will show up here on the show. So Jason and I already have an idea for an episode with a Stone Cold and JJ, so we’ll work on that. If we get a season two, we’ll work on that.” 

In the first season of the show, former wrestlers Mark Henry, Rikishi and Mick Foley all made appearances on the show, including sharing one episode where Big Show tried to take his wife on a cruise, only it was a “WWE cruise” that he was supposed to work and sign autographs. Obvious mischief occurred with Big Show and the other retired wrestlers on the boat.

“Mark Henry, I want to have back more,” says Big Show. “I love it because Mark Henry is one of my closest friends. But Mark on camera was just delightful with the way he played himself on, just so lovable and that sweet, nice Texas guy that can tear a car in half of his hands.  “And that was such a great episode too with Mick [Foley] and Rikishi and Mark, and those guys weren’t working because a lot of the guys are working full time on the road. They’re in Europe. They’re in Spain. They were in South Africa. I mean, the guys were working. And the guys from my generation that weren’t, they came on the show and they were all big guys, huge guys. They’re all great dads. Mark’s a great dad. Mick’s a great dad. Rikishi’s a great dad. So it really balanced that. And my cast and crew loved those three guys, loved them.”

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The Big Show Show season 1 is currently available on Netflix. We’ll update you if the show gets picked up for another season.