Steven Universe: The Movie Review (Spoiler-Free)

Steven Universe: The Movie is the perfect coda to Steven's emotional journey and that's exactly what it needed to be.

Steven Universe: The Movie Review

Steven Universe: The Movie isn’t what you might have been expecting but it’s exactly what you need. Much like the series that came before it, Steven Universe: The Movie has one major goal in mind and that’s its characters emotional journeys. Season 5 may have seemed to end the major plotline of Steven Universe but there was still more to say about the characters themselves, Steven in particular.

The movie acts as a sort of a coda to Steven’s emotional journey. The end of season five gave Steven that crucial moment of learning to love himself but this movie lets us see beyond that. What happens in the happily ever after? Where do you go from there?

Steven’s journey in his emotional self-discovery was always the most important part of the series and the movie doesn’t stray from that. For anyone hoping for deep cut Gem politics you might be disappointed. However, if you watch the movie with an open mind you’ll realize all that isn’t as important as the journey not just Steven but all the characters have been on. 

This film cuts to the core of their arcs and makes everyone look back on all they’ve accomplished throughout the series. By doing that, the movie brings it all together to finally give the definitive thesis statement on the entire franchise. 

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It’s hard to say if this is the end of Steven Universe. We could have more adventures ahead but if it is the end? This is the exact end we needed. From the moment the film begins it takes everything that made the series great and truly takes it to the cinematic level. The visuals are stunning. The music is catchy and heart wrenching. The acting is somehow even a step beyond the series. The writing, given that much more room to work, never drags. 

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This is a movie that will stick with you long after it’s finished airing. It’ll make you think about your own emotional journey. It’ll make you take a deep and hard look at yourself. Like the best entertainment, it holds up a mirror and lets you examine your life in a safe way.

Rebecca Sugar along with the entire cast and crew has created a marvelous film and the only shame about it is that we won’t be able to see it on the big screen in a wide release. Steven’s emotions are so big and wonderful they deserve to not only be seen in a theater but also shared with fellow fans.

Steven Universe: The Movie is what the world needs right now. Everyone should see this. After viewing it you can’t help but feel love not only yourself but for others as well. You can’t help but be touched by Steven and what he learns. 

Don’t wait for this movie. Don’t let yourself be spoiled. Watch it the moment it airs and don’t look away. Let yourself be drawn in. When it all ends let it sit with you. I promise the more you think about it the better it’ll get. It’s going to be a film I’ll be thinking about for years.

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5 out of 5