Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Lars’ Head

Steven Universe sets a whole new arc in motion as Lars discovers his newfound color.

This Steven Universe review contains spoilers.

Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 4

While last time I was unsure about Lars gaining powers, I’m starting to come around to it. Especially if his only power is to be a magical hair portal for Steven to get back to Lion AND be a Zombie. See, when I write it like that? It sounds perfect!

This episode was very transitional, setting up what will probably be the next major arc of episodes. While that means it doesn’t quite hit the heights of the last two episodes in terms of excitement, it gives fans more than enough to chew on until we come back. 

There’s so many questions here I can’t even possibly think of them all. Is Steven able to create more portals to the Lion’s Mane/Lars’ Head universe? Will Steven and the Gems come right back to help get Lars home? How can they get Lars home? Will Steven debrief the team and we’ll learn more about the day Rose possibly shattered Pink Diamond? If the Gems do go back to homeworld how can they possibly win? There are possibly tens of thousands of Gems!

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The biggest hint dropped that I can’t wait for them to follow up on is that home world spreading the lie that Earth was decimated. It makes sense, but it also says a lot about Gem society and how the Diamonds rule over it. They can’t have anyone question their power so they’ll do whatever it takes to keep their supremacy in check. 

This could hint at how Steven and the Crystal Gems take down the Diamonds. They’ll have to battle their way through home world for sure, but ultimately Steven will use his words. He’ll describe Earth. Look at how he wowed the off color Gems with the food he brought back for Lars. That scene has to have some major significance down the road.

Imagine he just brings more Earth things for the Gems of home world? What if, while away, Lars gets all the off colored Gems together and they slowly spread the word of Earth still being around across home world? The Diamonds will finally hear of this but it will be too late. You can’t crush an idea… can you?

Once again, it’s the love Steven shows others that will save the day. Hell, now Lars is going to spread that love to! Lars! He’s even pink now, perhaps one of the most recognizable colors of love. That’s a big turn for Lars and I can’t wait to see him possibly evolve into a rebel leader.

So is Lars a zombie? Can he survive this way forever? Connie’s eyes haven’t gone back to needing glasses so I can’t imagine Steven’s healing powers would wear off on him, but this is something totally new. We don’t know how this will effect Steven or Lars in the long term.

But oh boy, am I excited to see how it goes.

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Also, Lars gave Steven a hug. Best character development moment, ever.

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4 out of 5