Steven Universe: I Am My Mom Review

After this episode, Steven Universe will be changed forever.

This Steven Universe review contains spoilers.

Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 25

Steven Universe has had a host of legit terrifying moments. I never thought anything would top “Cat Finger”s but this episode managed it. When Aquamarine is taunting Steven and the Crystal Gems by wondering if the Diamonds ever specified they wanted the humans alive? Jamie’s reaction sent a quake of fear through my body. I have never felt more terrified for a character in all my years of watching television. Yeah, I felt genuine fear for the postman! That’s the power of Steven Universe.

Bringing back Steven’s conversation with Peridot to explain why Aquamarine and Topaz were stealing all of Steven’s friends was brilliant. I never would have seen that coming and it just proves once again how Steven Universe plays the long game when it comes to story telling. 

The action was top notch, both on the boardwalk and in Aquamarine’s ship. While I wish we had seen Steven and Connie fuse I would guess there wasn’t enough time for that. How about Topaz in that fight though? Last episode I wasn’t sure if Topaz was just splitting herself up or not but nope, she’s just a Topaz fusion.  

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As much as the Crystal Gems tried to help, it was really all down to Steven. This whole season has been slowly building to the fact that Steven has to do this on his own. The others expectations on him have fallen away.

Steven keeps thinking he’s done with his mom. He keeps thinking he’s come to the end of the story. “Lion 4: Alternate Ending” made it look like there wasn’t anything else to learn and that might be the case, but Steven still is still shouldering her actions.

In this episode Steven puts all the blame on himself. It’s because of him his friends got captured. He has his mom’s gem, so it’s his fault home world isn’t attacking. It clearly isn’t his fault but Steven is just a kid with a big heart, so of course he’d blame it all on himself. When will Steven stop taking the blame? When will Steven truly realize that he ISN’T his mom?

I’ve touched on this in past reviews, but there’s a real theme of “sins of the mother” with Rose and Steven. How responsible is Steven for his mother’s mistakes? Should he bear their burden? Is it fair everyone is chasing after him because of it? How much is Rose to blame for basically dying and leaving Steven with all of this? There’s no easy answer but maybe when Steven Universe returns we’ll get some more information to work with. Maybe the answer, as Garnet once said, is just love. That sounds silly but who knows?

Also, those watching closely will notice Lars is still on the ship with Steven. Now that has some prime potential for character development, especially for Lars. Yeah, for all the defending I did for him two episodes back he did leave Sadie behind to save his own skin. Will Lars feel guilty for that? Will Steven unleash some harsh words on the guy? Will Lars finally start to change his ways and save the universe? Seriously, Steven Universe can’t come back soon enough.

A small but inspired detail is Aquamarine’s referring to everyone in such ways as “the Connie” or “a Lars.” It just proves the Diamonds back on home world can’t comprehend an individual identity. Everyone has to be part of a larger group just like Gems, right?

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So how long do we have to wait for more episodes? Where will Aquamarine take Steven and Lars? Will Lars be put into the human zoo? Will Steven finally have to face the Diamonds and will he finally get the answers fans have been waiting for?

Stray Thoughts 

– “Maybe because… my friends are the best.” You know, I would have totally bought that as the real reason Steven’s friends were being kidnapped. 

– “No, Garnet! I’ve moved on I swear!” These callbacks give me life.

– “Muh-muh!” Onion talk cracks me up, even in these deathly serious situations.

– “I haven’t even delivered all the mail today!” I love overreacting Jamie.

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5 out of 5