Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 11 Review: Lars of the Stars

Lars is back but does this episode live up to his amazing outfit?

This Steven Universe review contains spoilers.

Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 11

I absolutely adore any series that implies significant events happen off screen. It opens up the imagination for all kinds of adventures that, while the series doesn’t have time to show them, fans will have a field day with. 

It makes the world of Steven Universe seem each bigger without needing to spend a bunch of episodes on what would basically be the equivalent of side missions. Although I would totally read an original graphic novel centered on Lars and the Off Color Gems’ adventure. Make it happen, Boom! Studios!

The core of this episode however is Lars realizing Sadie has moved on without him. I wish we hadn’t gotten back to Lars so soon because we barely got to see any of Sadie struggling without him or even Lars struggling without Sadie. Although if a series has so much story it can’t spend time on those quieter moments I’m okay with it. 

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The quick scene touched on some fascinating Lars perspectives. He thinks anything Sadie is doing is to slight him. What does that say about Lars? Does he think everyone is out to get him? Or is it the more simple he hoped people would be sad about him? 

That’s fairly understandable. The only way Lars thought anyone would reveal their true feelings about him would be if he was gone and learning Sadie was just getting on with her life? That’s a big blow for him. 

We don’t get to see it all in the episode but I’m sure deep inside Lars was wondering if he ever meant anything to Sadie. If she could get over him so quickly maybe they really had nothing. Maybe he should have treated her better!

Of course Steven Universe dishes out a great lesson here that no matter what happens in your life you can’t stay sad forever. Life goes on even in the worst circumstances. I wish Sadie had been around to deliver this message herself since it basically amounts to Steven relating Lars the lesson. That doesn’t discount it’s value but it loses some impact when we’re basically being told it instead of really seeing Lars process it. 

Like some episodes in Steven Universe, this one felt more like a transition episode than one that really stands on its own. It looks like it was there really to update us on Lars and get Stevonnie to the alien planet. I’m totally with that but I wish we’d gotten a little more substance in the process. 

Ah well, they can’t all be winners and for a transition episode this had some nice action and world building.

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Extra Thoughts

– Lars’ Caption Harlock inspired outfit proves once again the Steven Universe crew are a wonderful bunch of nerds.

– ONE GEM. ZERO FEAR. Put that on a poster. 

-STEVONNIE: An Experience. Okay no, put THAT on a poster.

-The scope in the ship actually said Bingo Bongo. Genius.

Shamus Kelley can’t wait for alien planet adventures! Follow him on Twitter! 


3 out of 5