Sky One’s street racing drama Curfew gets an action-packed extended trailer

Sean Bean hits the road hard in the first full trailer for Sky’s new 2019 show...

We’ve already seen the teaser trailer for Curfew, but now we’ve got the full version – bigger, louder, longer and more insane than ever. Sean Bean’s London-set street racing drama already looks like a dozen movies in one series – with a plot involving a population afraid to leave their homes, a totalitarian government keeping them in, and an explosive race full of flaming monster trucks, machine guns and people dressed as chickens.

Bean stars alongside Billy Zane, Miranda Richardson, Adrian Lester, Phoebe Fox and Adam Brody, but the new trailer poses as many questions as it answers.

“They’re coming for me,” says a face at the start, “they were there from the beginning, and they’ll do anything to make sure no one knows”. Is he talking about the government that have set the night time curfew? Or is he talking about whatever it is that takes down Adrian Lester in the last shot? We still don’t know what “they” are, but it’s clear that the stars of the show are ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances – and up against more than just state control.

We also hear more about the race itself, which seems to be the only chance people have of freedom. “Every year there’s just this stupid race where people die,” says Jessye Romeo (Stan Lee’s Lucky Man), clearly trying to reason with Lester and Andi Osho (Shazam!).

So we know it’s annual, and we know it’s “stupid” – which is made pretty clear by the next few minutes of madcap action. Bean takes a souped-up racer, Phoebe Fox takes an ambulance, Billy Zane takes a VW campervan and everyone sets off to ‘Crash’ by The Primitives.

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The trailer shows us two very clear sides to Curfew – with all the crazy action following what looks like some pretty serious, meaty drama. The younger cast (Fox, Romeo, Ike Bennett, Malachi Kirby) seem to be just as important as the oldies, and Lester’s character’s family look like they might be the real heart of the show.

More importantly though, Bean’s back and he looks like he’s having such a blast shooting/driving/growling. And it’s great to see Lester again, too, right before he hits the big screen in inevitable Oscar-botherer Mary Queen Of Scots.

Miranda Richardson, Robert Glenister and Michael Biehn all join the cast too, giving Curfew a pretty strong, pretty odd ensemble. Who would have thought we’d ever see Kyle Reese, The Phantom, Queen Elizabeth and Boromir trying to ram each other off the road?

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All eight episodes of Curfew are available to watch now via Sky and NOW TV