What to Expect From She-Ra Season 2

We learned new things from the cast and crew about She-Ra Season 2 on Netflix!

With She-Ra Season 2 rapidly approaching, fans are hungry for any information they can get. Thankfully we got the chance to sit down with the cast of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power at Wondercon and they give us some insight into the upcoming season. In attendance were show developer and executive producer Noelle Stevenson, Aimee Carrero (Adora/She-Ra), AJ Michalka (Catra), Lauren Ash (Scorpia), Merit Leighton (Frosta), Karen Fukuhara (Glimmer), and Marcus Scribner (Bow).

Original She-Ra

Original She-Ra Tribute 

The highlight moment of the She-Ra panel was a preview clip of an episode where the characters are all basically playing Dungeons & Dragons. In that scene all the characters are dressed in their 80’s She-Ra costumes and a few of the shots are even animated in a very Filmation style. This was something Noelle Stevenson wanted to do from the start as a tribute to the original series. She even asked AJ Michalka to impersonate the original Catra. 

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Merit Leighton loved Frosta’s 80’s outfit and her reaction was, “oh my god! It’s so cute! It’s so perfect! I love it.”

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Marcus Scribner just loved seeing Bow with a mustache.

She-Ra Character Adora

Adora Will Have An Idenity Crisis

In season one Adora’s whole worldview was shattered. Everything she had been taught was proven to be a lie and she switched sides. Now she’ll be dealing with the weight of that decision.

“She’s finally starting to realize in this season the sacrifice that comes with leadership,” explains Stevenson. “Adora is put in to this role where she’s supposed to be the savior of the world and that comes at a huge price. So much of the show is about exploring that. (She) might be pretty excited that she can smash a boulder to pieces with her sword and then its like “oh no” but I don’t want to hurt people, I don’t want to cause harm. How can I control this? So it’s something that she struggles with the entire series.”

She-Ra Characters Catra and Adora

The Catra/Adora Conflict Will Deepen

One of the fan favorite parts of the first season of She-Ra was the strife between Adora leaving behind her former best friend Catra. The two clashed numerous times and Catra was left particularly hurt by it all. Now, as AJ Michalka tells us, “it gets so much more complicated.”

She can see the story from both Adora and Catra’s point of view.

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“I think anybody, you don’t have to live in this world to understand the difficulty of having to let a friend go or having to go through a change in a relationship where before they could do no wrong and now they’re only doing wrong. You wanna be close to them because you’re connected to them but at the same time it’s like I can’t watch you drown and also take me with you. That’s a very painful part of the story and it only gets worse, but it does evolve. It doesn’t always stay at the bottom.”

She-Ra Character Catra

Catra Will Love Being In Charge

With Catra now in command of her own forces, she’ll mask her own insecurities by bossing everyone around. This includes Scorpia, who is desperate for Catra’s validation.

“(It’s) sad for Scorpia but really fun for Catra,” Michalka explains.”I think Catra loves being the one that’s in charge and kind of has everything figured out.”

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She may have no idea what she’s doing, but “(she’s) trying as hard as she can.” Her biggest downfall though will be her avoidance of friendship. After losing Adora she won’t let anyone in and that will hamper her as a leader.

“It’s gonna take her awhile to come back from that.”

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She-Ra Character Scorpia

Scorpia Wants To Mend Catra’s Heart

While Catra tries to act like Adora leaving her behind is no big deal, at least one character will key into this and try to make her feel better. Scorpia.

“No one wants to mend that broken heart more than Scorpia,” says Lauren Ash. In season two it’s Scorpia’s main goal, which Ash thinks is Scorpia’s greatest strength and biggest weakness.

“(Scorpia) is so blind to it all.” 

She-Ra Character Glimmer

Glimmer Will Become More of a Leader

Throughout season one Glimmer struggled for independence from her mother and got some of it. Now in season two she’ll be struggling with something new, herself. In trying to defeat the Horde, Glimmer might consider sinking to their level which leads to some, as Karen Fukuhara puts it, “dark thoughts.”

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“She struggles with being confined and constricted at times, within the Princess Alliance. She kind of wants to go out of the shell and do her own thing, and maybe she thinks it’s the right thing to do.”

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She-Ra Character Bow

Bow Struggles as Tech Master

Without Entrapta on the side of the Princess Alliance the tech master role with fall to Bow, who’s not ready for that level of responsibility.

“Bow’s not used to this situation,” explains Marcus Scribner. “He’s usually just all-around, ‘hey guys, let’s have fun,’ so this war situation is definitely taking its toll. He’s trying to find it within himself to realize that he is a tech master on Entrapta’s level and that he can combat the Horde using his tech. At the same time, Entrapta was a friend and he’s really sad that he’s lost an idol to such an evil group.” 

She-Ra Character Entrapta

The Consequences of Leaving Entrapta Behind

The defection of Entrapta to the Horde will weigh heavily on all the characters. They discover what happened and it’s quite a shock to all of them. According to Scribner, Entrapta isn’t even really aware of what her defection did to the team. “She’s not really aware of what else is going on around her. She has good intentions.” 

“I feel like she doesn’t have an emotional connection with people. She thinks scientifically about everything. Her work is basically her entire life and somewhere she can flourish is the Horde. There are no restrictions. There is no moral code. They have unlimited amount of First One’s tech access.”

She-Ra Character Frosta

Frosta Will Latch Onto Glimmer

With Frosta a new member of the team she’ll start to come out of her, no pun intended, icy shell. For Leighton she thinks Frosta is coming out of it a little too fast.

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“She’s just, ‘I want to make friends. I want to have all the fun. I want to beat up robots. I just want to have a great time.’”

The problem is that because she’s been a ruler for as long as she can remember she doesn’t know boundaries or how to really have friends. This causes her to latch onto Glimmber because, “she sees her as so awesome. I think their relationship is almost like sisters.”

The second season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power series will drop April 26th on Netflix. Keep up with all the news about it here.

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