Scream: Hello, Emma Review

Don't answer the phone, it leads to too many questions. Here is our review of Scream: The TV Series, Season 1 Episode 2.

What I like about this show is how they have kept some of those trademark features from the movie. Mainly, their continuous reference to popular culture. Sure, now they are referencing The Walking Dead instead of Halloween, but making the show modern is part of its appeal.

If it tried too much to be like the movie, it would fall completely flat. However, since it is a series, the show is taking a longer time to get to know each of these characters. We know Brooke is pretty shallow and Jake is a “douche” (as displayed in bright red on his car by Noah), but it’s clear they are setting up these characters to play bigger roles than they are leading on. However, Jake and Brooke are too obvious to be murderers. Not to mention the new guy, Kieran: dark, mysterious, and the son of a cop. Another obvious choice.

Unfortunately, last night’s episode’s best moments lied within the first and final scenes. Most of the show centered on some more character development and the introduction of True Crime podcast led by Piper Shaw, a new character who may be making more appearances. She is very interested in Nina’s case as well as in Emma’s connection to Brandon James, since her father was the sole survivor of his murders. If she knew the truth about her mother, she would have a great podcast on her hands. Unfortunately, that storyline didn’t get touched upon too much. This episode was about making certain people seem more likely to be guilty or more likely not to be. However…all I felt was a lot more fogginess.

What I really can’t tell is if it’s one of them, some of them, or all of them together.

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I’m hoping this won’t turn into some Pretty Little Liars saga, introducing new, suspicious characters left and right and having them be small pieces of the puzzle but never big enough to start putting pieces together.

Questions after this episode…

What is Will’s deal?

Sure, the popular, basketball star is perhaps yet another easy contender to be the murderer. While I don’t think it’s him, he has to be the character I’m most curious about surprisingly enough. There’s apparently some incriminating videos or photos he has that could make the police suspicious if he was somehow involved in Nina’s murder. He’s always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Kieran even had me convinced that he was the hooded figure in the alleyway watching Emma, spooking her so he could come to her rescue. That would have been a fast wardrobe change, but hey, it can’t take too long to switch from a sweatshirt to a letterman’s jacket?

Why, Rachel?

Did the killer actually think he could successfully set up Rachel’s death to look like a suicide? He (or she) can’t be that naïve. Either way, it looks like Emma’s mom and Officer Clark already confirmed it as a murder…but why? Nina’s death made a bit more sense…the bitchy, popular girl destroying the reputations of her peers she believes are less than her. Who didn’t have at least one thing against Nina? Rachel seemed like she was generally safe…

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Is anyone going to address what happened with Noah?

Am I going crazy, or wasn’t that Noah at the end of last week’s pilot episode wiping blood off his forehead? Well, this week it was instantly back to quirky, horror movie guru, Noah who finally hooked up with Riley after nerding out over current TV shows and movies. I guess that will be another very gradual storyline (his connection to Nina, not Riley). Not to mention that if he killed Nina and Rachel, their connections are with Audrey, which leads me too…

Is it Emma or Audrey?

While Emma is clearly made out to be the main target of our mystery killer, it’s hard to miss that each of the murders are more connected to Audrey than to Emma. The final scene of last night’s episode, the best one of the night, had Emma getting spooked when her house alarm went off. Who she thought was Homeland Security on the phone, assuring her a police officer was a few minutes out to check on her, was actually our killer sporting the very similar high pitched, almost comedic slasher voice from the 90s Scream movie. Another nod to the film with their conversation touching upon movies and the horror plot. Was he outside watching her or was he already inside the house?

Last week Noah pointed out the characters you root for are most likely the characters to go and they are the ones that will hurt the most. If you’re anyone watching this show then there is no doubt that you are rooting for Audrey. So…is she safe?

After seeing next week’s preview, I’m hoping that next Tuesday’s episode will be a little more exciting and enlightening. I know some of these characters are more connected than we think…I just want to start guessing, who? It looks like the show won’t be shying away from killing off characters and that next week, there is sure to be another fatality to add to the fast growing list. 

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2.5 out of 5