Scream: Season 2 Premiere Review: I Know What You Did Last Summer

There's no easing into the Scream Season 2 premiere with an abundance of cryptic texts, new twists, and a whole lot of blood.

This Scream: The TV Series review contains spoilers

Scream Season 2, Episde 1

We left off last season with Piper revealed as the masked killer and both Emma and Audrey ending her life. Now some time has passed and we learn that Emma had a nervous breakdown at school, was sent away for therapy and is now back just in time for the killing to start happening again. Let’s take a look at where our Lakewood Six are at in tonight’s premiere.

Emma and Kieran

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Everyone welcomes Emma back to Lakewood after leaving due an emotional breakdown. I mean it was bound to happen to someone and out of everyone, it definitely makes the most since for it to be Emma. She wasn’t just experiencing loss, she was at the center of it, seeing multiple people being killed and becoming responsible for the death of the murderous Piper, who turned out to be her half sister. A breakdown was indeed in order.

Emma and Kieran were attempting to patch things up since she broke up with him before she left, but realized it may take more time than they thought. Kieran was still his quiet self as Emma attempted to dig into a reoccurring dream she had been having since she was a child. When she finds Noah’s “murder wall,” she recognizes the pig farm from the place in her dreams which is apparently where Troy James lived, Brandon’s brother.


The episode appears to start by introducing some new characters in the classic crazy phone call and vicious murder scenario. But, it is only a movie playing at the theater Audrey now works at. While Audrey is still her usual badass self (as Noah points out multiple times throughout the episode), she is still rattled by what happened last year and falls victim to a malicious prank by two teenagers right at the start of the show. Audrey ends up stabbing the one wearing the mask and, while he survived, that‘s just the beginning of Audrey’s on-edge behavior.

Audrey continues to be one of my favorite characters, even though we are still somewhat in the dark on how involved she was in Piper’s plan of attacks in Lakewood. After tonight’s episode, we know she sent Piper letters wanting to team up with her and expressing her hate for Lakewood, but how far did that actually go? Did it stop at the letters? Did the killer make those letters up? Audrey’s mortified expression at the end of the episode when she finds the letters she wrote posted in a bathroom stall at the theater tells me she is definitely guilty of something. But, hopefully it won’t be long before we figure out just how connected she and Piper truly were.


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Noah sings Audrey’s praises throughout the episode, especially after the video of those pranksters going after Audrey went viral on the internet. Noah is definitely his same old self, with movie reference after movie reference paralleling the stories of their own lives. In fact, the stupid idea of filming his prank on Audrey plays again later when we see the killer is filming his attack on Jake.

Jake and Brooke

Oh Jake, my least favorite of the 6 and possibly out of all the characters on the show, meets his end tonight. We are given hope since he’s not quickly offed, but keeps finding ways to survive. But, I forgot how this show thrives on the torture leading up to the kill. That is what makes Scream, Scream. Not just the actual murder, but how the killer gets to that point.

After Brooke and Jake break up for what seems like the millionth time, Jake goes to this abandoned building claiming he’s going to try and win her back. I was still unsure what he was going to do at that point, but it leads him into an animal trap clamped around his leg, being hung by his feet from the ceiling, and then sliced open by our new masked enemy. It appears as though Emma and Brooke are on their way to discovering his body, but there’s no mention of Jake in the preview for next week. Will this be similar to what happened to Nina’s boyfriend last season? Will they think Jake is missing and later find out he is dead?

New Characters

A few new characters are added to the show with two new students and a new sheriff in town.

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The sheriff’s son, Gustavo, seems to be a horror fanatic similar to Noah but with less comedic accents and a more twisted and dark tone. We also see him drawing a rather disturbing, bloody picture of Emma in class…so, there’s that.


We don’t have much information on her yet other than Emma trusts her which could play against her in the coming episodes. Zoe doesn’t look at her like she is some freak, which Emma finds refreshing and dependable. But, those people seem to be the ones we should be weary of. Either they will end up dead, or end up the enemy. It also looks like Noah has eyes for her.

The episode, of course, ends on a cliffhanger. Brooke and Emma’s quest halts when Emma appears to come face to face with a new masked killer. So here the twists and turns continue and the bloodshed, I’m sure, will be even more generous than season one. Until next week!


3.5 out of 5