Scandal Season 6 Episode 7 Review: A Traitor Among Us

Deceptions ran deep when we discovered a long time gladiator is in the midst of the biggest Scandal yet.

This Scandal review contains spoilers.

Scandal: Season 6, Episode 7

If you saw this one coming, then hats off to you because Shonda Rhimes had me fooled. Well, she is the mastermind of deception and long running lies from season to season. But this had to be one of the longest and most well-played.

It was a very Huck-centered episode which was definitely refreshing because of Huck’s newfound lightheartedness in this past season after falling in love with Meg. Huck has been infamous for reforming himself then slipping back into his old ways. But last night he was certainly tested again when he believed Meg could have been a mole.

You’re the one who’s broken.

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Right at the start of the episode, Olivia very selfishly asks Huck to kill her father after finding out he was the one who assassinated Frankie Vargas. But Huck soon discovers the truth behind Rowan’s actions after meeting with him and that people more powerful and controlling than him are in charge of what happens next. Especially what will happen to Olivia.

The gladiators turn on each other for a moment as Huck questions whether either Quinn or Charlie were the mole. But when Quinn plants it in his head that it could be Meg, he decides to find out for himself.

Like any normal girl, Meg bolts out the door after Huck shoves a needle in her face and comes close to killing her. He thought he had been played once again by the woman he loves. But he stops himself and realizes that he actually believes Rowan.

When Huck calls out Olivia as being the “broken” one after asking him to kill her father, I was appreciative for that moment. For her to ask Huck to do that, knowing how vulnerable he is and knowing how he will do anything for Liv, was so low of her. She has not been showing a lot of mercy this season and rather a more selfish side of Liv has been exposed. But, by the end of the episode, she may have actually taken a little life advice from Huck which may be a turning point for Liv’s character in the rest of the season.

“People change…it happens.”

Huck refuses to kill Rowan, even after Liv, Quinn, and Charlie showed him the body of Sandra, Rowan’s love interest who he killed as a display of power. Huck can see through Rowan’s devastation and horrific actions as saying he must be “in pain” and is “a prisoner” of his own mind. Huck relates to Rowan in this instance and begs Olivia to see that people can change.

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Well, I’m not sure how much Rowan has changed other than there are just people who are slightly more tormented and commanding than Rowan at this particular moment. But after last week’s chilling episode where we got to dive deep into the twisted tunnels of Rowan’s mind, I understood Huck’s perspective.

“People change” was definitely the theme of tonight’s episode; but its meaning took a drastic and eye opening turn in the last few minutes of the show.

“I am right. You are wrong.”

Yes, Huck was right. While burying Sandra’s body, he cleverly thought, “Hm, I bet someone planted video footage of what had been going on with Rowan and these people who were following him for the past few months in Sandra’s rancid corpse.” Yeah, Huck…we were thinking the same thing too…


Luckily Huck’s mind is as tortured as it is because he was finally able to show Olivia just how wrong she was about Rowan. He was being controlled and someone has been watching Olivia too.

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So who is the mole?

Well, Olivia made it up to Huck and helped him reconcile with Meg. She hesitantly forgave him and soon we were seeing Huck bringing her to where Jake was hiding Jennifer so she could be reunited with her best friend.

But, the excitement quickly faded (it was already too happy of a moment that something immediately felt off) when Meg pulls a gun and kills Jennifer instantly.

So, Meg was the mole. Well…one of them.

Juxtaposed with the scene of Jennifer’s death, are scenes of her confirming with the woman who has been tormenting Rowan…and another woman, who we all know as the famous redhead of the show:


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Yes, that’s right. Abby has somehow woven herself into this mess that is Frankie Vargas’s murder, to Rowan’s new puppet masters, to Meg, to now Jennifer’s death. I mean…the questions and possible connections are endless.

And to top it all off…Abby didn’t just want Jennifer dead. She wanted Huck killed too. So after this rapid reveal that Abby is behind all of this, we then see Meg shooting Huck multiple times as he falls to the ground.

I think it is safe to say that Huck is more than likely alive. But, how the gladiators will react to and take down Abby…? Let’s just say, I think Scandal’s best episodes of the season are on the horizon.

Until next time!

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4 out of 5