Scandal: The Key Review

It's all Olivia Pope's fault in last night's Scandal episode. But it's time for these characters to realize, it’s not her…it’s them.

The episode begins by continuing the storyline of Olivia’s friend, Catherine, who is currently sitting in prison accused of killing her daughter, Caitlin. However, Olivia and Quinn follow the path of Catherine’s husband, Jeremy’s head of security, Kubiak.

That’s when they see him kill the daughter’s best friend, Faith. Olivia soon finds out that Jeremy is more involved with Kubiak than we thought. Olivia approaches him about it and plays dumb, but when we see him talking to Kubiak, he learns that it’s true. He seemed upset and disturbed, but why are they involved with each other anyway? Once again, we are left in the dark for now.

Quinn couldn’t figure out why Faith didn’t run away from Kubiak before he shot her and then realized Caitlin gave her a key before she was killed. Well, Faith didn’t run because she was busy swallowing that key that was to a locker. Quinn shows off her incision skills when she cuts open Faith’s cadaver and finds the key. When she comes to tell Huck the good news, he finally breaks down and tells Quinn why he has been so distraught.

In amost all of Huck’s scenes in the episode, we see Huck sitting outside his former wife’s house, watching her. She begs him to go away and leave her alone for good. This is when we find out that Huck told her everything that happened to him, but she didn’t believe him. When she instead has some sort of counselor meet with Huck, instead of their son like she told him, he nearly chokes him to death, gripping his hand tighter and tighter around his throat before leaving.

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Now does she believe him?

After calling Jake’s phone a million times and having Huck try and track down his whereabouts, she discovers his last stop before he went radio silent was the White House. She calls Fitz and in all his candidness over the phone, she realizes he has Jake. She goes to Papa Pope, furious, accusing him of setting Jake up. But, as we all know, Rowan has a way with words that could convince a sane person that the world isn’t around… at least if it provided to be some advantage to him. There’s no way Olivia believes him, right; the woman who can read a person’s truth in their eyes? 

Olivia may be losing her touch. 

When Abby comes over to Olivia’s house to give her a piece of her mind about basically corrupting David into fighting dirty, Olivia breaks down telling Abby about Jake. Papa Pope may have actually persuaded her to believing Jake killed both Jerry and Harrison…what is happening?

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Fitz even tells Mellie they have Jerry Jr.’s killer in custody and confesses to her the truth about Jerry’s death. When Mellie seems relieved, saying she was happy that his death had a purpose which was to keep them in office another term, Fitz loses it. He sends her away with her booze and snacks and says not to come back until she’s the “old Mellie” again, whoever that is. However, Mellie’s final seen in the episode was her finally taking a shower.

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Well, Jake in interrogation room seems pretty convinced that the president truly does believe him; that he didn’t kill his son. But soon, he starts to understand that this isn’t just about Jerry Jr., but it’s about Olivia as well. As Fitz pummels him and pummels him to confess to the murder of Jerry Jr. and Harrison, Jake feeds Fitz his kryptonite, shouting out the many “moments” him and Olivia shared together on their island. Jake’s once crisp, white shirt now blood stained and Fitz’s hand covered in red, the episode comes to an abrupt close.

I don’t know how or when Rowan will be found out. It does seem, though, that at this point in the show…it may not be happening anytime soon.

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3.5 out of 5