Scandal: The Last Supper Review

The “Last Supper” ends in even more missing links than before. Here's our review of last night's Scandal…

Having Jake, Liv and Fitz working together to take down Rowan and B613 sounds about as terrible as it was. Most of their conversation turned into a “who’s better than who” competition between Jake and Fitz. It’s clear neither of these men are giving up on her, even though Jake knows she will choose Fitz and Fitz knows that Olivia is still standing by Jake. Will she ever make up her mind? You think it’s Fitz when she makes out with him outside Jake’s cell, but then she keeps talking about “standing in the sun” with Jake. Their “catchphrase,” as Jake called it, which drives the president crazy.

In tonight’s episode of Scandal, “The Last Super,” somewhere in the middle of several scenes of charming banter, it’s decided that Jake will stay in the cell so Rowan won’t catch on to them. Olivia realizes that she is the only way they are going to get to her father. She is his weakness. They set it all up: she cries on the phone to him, making it seem like she’s ready to be taken under her father’s wing completely. Rowan seems understanding and thoughtful toward his daughter. But dinner has this uncomfortable, eerie feel to it and soon enough, Rowan is cutting off Olivia for good and declaring her on his bad side. If his bad side has yet to be seen, then I have some advice for Liv: maybe she should join Jake in super max for some extra safety… 

While the snipers are taken out by who knows who from Rowan’s army, David Rosen is digging through B613 files only to find the pages are now blank. Once again, shocked, but… not really surprised.

I was also surprised when Cyrus had an opportunity to take out his lover, Michael and didn’t. At the start of the episode, Elizabeth hired Olivia to find out if someone was bugging her phone. She lies to her, saying it was a virus when she realized it was Cyrus. Cyrus explains everything to Liv, but when she confronts Michael about it, he tells her about Elizabeth’s secret apartment and about all the other valuable information he learned from Cy, but didn’t use against him. It seems he may actually care about Cyrus after all.  However, once Cyrus is scorned…he usually wants payback. 

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Shock Factor Awards: 

In third place: I’m going to say Rowan one upping Olivia once again. Having him flawlessly take out the president’s team of snipers and make a clean getaway as he still makes a threatening and elaborate speech to Olivia, is indeed impressive. But, Rowan always shocks me, even though I can always anticipate that he is up to no good.

In second place: Definitely the reveal that not only Kubiak and Elizabeth are working together, but that our understanding, considerate, favorite vice president, Andrew Nichols… is having an affair with her! Clearly, he’s not as sweet as we thought. Especially since earlier in the episode, he was having sex with the first lady. I guess his past reputation isn’t so far behind him.  

In first place: When Kubiak realized Huck and Quinn were outside watching him, he attacked Huck and nearly killed him. However, Huck ended up impaling Kubiak’s neck on a chard of broken window glass. Why don’t you participate in “bring your son to work” day, Huck? It’s because you never know when you might murder someone with a broken window. Well, Javi is scarred for life and I’m guessing visiting rights are no longer going to be a possibility. 

I’m amazed at how gradual this storyline about Kubiak is going. It’s definitely different for Shonda Rhimes to take this approach with secondary characters. Everything with Rowan has been gradual as well, but he is a lead on the show and a majority of the scenes in each episode somehow are connected to him. This Kubiak storyline is really keeping viewers in the dark… and I really want to know what’s going on! 

With the winter finale next week, Rowan nor Kubiak’s storyline is likely to be resolved. However, after tonight’s episode, I think it’s fair to say there won’t be any dull moments in next week’s finale. “Standing in the sun” may be Olivia and Jake’s catchphrase, but it looks like just about everyone is about to burn.

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4 out of 5