Scandal Season 6 Episode 10 Review: The Decision

Last night we celebrated the 100th episode of Scandal with a 'What If' storyline. Here’s our review.

This Scandal review contains spoilers.

Scandal: Season 6, Episode 10

Shonda Rhimes took us on a journey with all of our favorite Scandal characters, showing us their outcomes if Olivia had said, “no” to fixing the election for Fitz. For some, their routes made sense. But for others, in no way could I have predicted their outcome. But, the burning question before last night’s episode aired was definitely what became of Fitz and Olivia?

The Real Olivia Pope

At first, Fitz and Olivia went their separate ways after he lost the election. They led individual lives for a while until Fitz came to Olivia saying he left Mellie. More months continued to pass and we were brought to Olivia and Fitz’s wedding day.

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It was strangely satisfying to see this wedding that never was and perhaps never will be. The aisles were laces with red roses as Olivia walked down with a rather grungy looking Huck on her arm, as her father loomed distantly in the background (appearing to have been, uninvited). Seeing Olivia so light and happy was perhaps one of the most drastic changes of the episode. Olivia hasn’t looked so free in…ever.

Rhimes definitely made Olivia a more relatable and real person in the episode from her choices down to her clothing and hair. What mattered most to her was making a difference…especially with Marcus at her side as her political cohort, if you will.

Marcus was probably the most unchanged character, next to Jake, appearing as Fitz’s old friend chatting with him about his wife over drinks. The only real difference with Marcus is that he was on a team with Liv, and only Liv. They were writing bills and trying to get things to congress.

It was nice to see Liv out of her designer get-ups and flat-ironed hair and instead with her natural curls and comfortable clothing. It presented an Olivia that was comfortable in her skin in every way. Sure, Olivia always exudes an overwhelming amount of confidence. But, the confidence she radiates in the present day can feel forced and façade-like. This “regenerated” Olivia had her faults too, but she actually looked approachable. Not above anyone…but beside them.

Same ol’ Fitz

Fitz, however, didn’t seem to like the new, Liv. Well, mostly because his massive ego wasn’t being stroked by her as much since he didn’t win the election. Boo-hoo, Fitz. Get over it. Sorry that Liv didn’t want to commit a federal crime to save your ass from the biggest hit your ego could ever take.

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At one point in the episode, he became angry when he found out Olivia didn’t make him “president.” This was an interesting concept since we saw how mad he was when he found out the only way he won the election, was because it was rigged.

But the way he became so cruel in this episode towards Olivia was so typical “Fitz,” it’s clear his character isn’t too far from who he actually became. At least through 5th season. Thankfully, Fitz has mellowed out a lot more through season 6, making him a more likable character. But the Fitz in the 100th episode portrays that power hungry, ego-centric man we have all grown to know.


Olivia and Fitz did not have that “Vermont” kind of marriage that they had always dreamed of. They became distant and angry with each other as they began to lead their own lives post-election; Liv working with Marcus and Fitz becoming somewhat of a celebrity as a political talk show host.

Oliva didn’t like this side of Fitz and soon he didn’t like that side of him either. They ended up resolving their differences by the end of the episode showing Olivia finally ready to “grow up” and move into a larger house with Fitz and him apologizing for blaming her for his election loss, when it was his own shortcomings.

I really thought they wouldn’t end up together since most of the episode was the two of them growing farther and farther apart. But, I am curious if this is a foreshadow to their actual relationship?

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In the end, after all they go through, will Fitz and Olivia find themselves back with each other?

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Anyone else find themselves saying this when Mellie and Cyrus got married? Well, I definitely did.

It was so great to see Dan Bucatinksy reprise his role as James (Cyrus’ deceased husband in the present). He always deserved someone better than Cyrus. This timeline showed a Cyrus who never came out as a gay man and instead used Mellie for political advantage.

That wasn’t too far off.

Cyrus is always gunning for power and a place in the White House in this alternate reality. Even when Mellie discovers Cyrus is actually gay, he doesn’t care. Mellie, like Fitz, was someone to be controlled. Someone to get him to the Oval office.

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Poor sweet James was treated horribly by Cyrus, once again. But, at least he lived in this universe.

And the tiara goes to…

It’s safe to say that Huck probably would have been in that same “dark” state of mind if OPA had never begun, giving Huck a purpose in his life. His love for Olivia was still incredibly apparent as she constantly stood by his side, just as she does now. Huck is so childlike in those instances with Liv, as if she is a mother trying to tend to her scared baby.

Poor Huck.

Not to mention that Huck’s original sidekick, Quinn, was back to being “Lindsey” and living the life as a “The Bachelor”-like contestant on TV. Her and Fitz even hook up briefly (before Fitz realized he was being an asshole…again) and stopped it.

I thought perhaps that was the most out of sync portrayal of the Scandal characters. We originally got to see Quinn as “Lindsey” in the beginning of the show. It was some time ago. But, she was a timid person compared to the horribly, bitchy, snob that she was in Scandal-land 2.0. However, it was fun to see a character so wildly different from what we expected.

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My favorite…

David Rosen and Abby Wheeler. Still waiting for the day this actually happens. I thought it was interesting how Rhimes put these two back together and I wonder if it was to remind us about how great they were together.


All in all, the 100th episode was a unique and refreshing idea. Scandal is definitely the kind of show where “what if” questions are always begin asked. So, to see that largest “what if” of all time for Scandal be played out was definitely welcome.

The episode closed with Liv finding Fitz on the balcony at the White House where he asks her, “Are you in?”

While the answer was yes for Liv, now what we are left with is this question:

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“In” for what?

Until next week!


3.5 out of 5