Scandal: Like Father, Like Daughter Revierw

Papa don't preach! Papa Pope just connives, manipulates and tortures until he gets exactly what he wants. Here is our Scandal review.

When the episode starts off with Olivia and Quinn picking up the wildly drunk, president’s daughter from a party, you think that’s as far as it will go. She got drunk, high, partied with some sketchy people. But, when you realize someone made a sex tape of her with two guys…things go even more south from there.

Fitz is awoken from his precious slumber and made to deal with his still intoxicated daughter, Karen. He nearly loses it before Olivia let’s her out of the room and calms Fitz down, since, of course, she’s the only one who can do it. He almost begs her to find who has the video and deal with the situation quietly. The next scene, we see Huck and Quinn walking through the White House meaning…Olivia is indeed taking this case. Fitz is happy she’s there and even Cyrus, but the moment Mellie sees Olivia roaming those hallways once again, there was no way she could keep her cool.

After yelling at Liv, she made her way to the Oval office saying to Fitz that he was supposed to tell her when Olivia Pope would be coming back into their lives.

Interpretation: when they start hooking up again.

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Fitz now drops his cool, caring, award winning husband behavior to call his wife “smelly mellie” amongst a number of other various insults. He follows that by revealing that their daughter made a sex tape and there is no one better for the job to cover it up than Olivia Pope. There’s this uncomfortable moment of waiting for Mellie’s response. Will she respond to Fitz’s cruel accusations about her or about Karen’s sex tape? Instead, she decides to attack Fitz, saying his daughter is doing just as her father does. Harsh, but, what did he expect after calling his wife smelly?

Anytime Olivia is in the Oval office, the tension between her and Fitz becomes overly palpable. She comes to update him on the situation with Karen when he asks her where she was all that time. It’s hard not to let his heartbroken eyes reel you in…well, for about 5 minutes. She lies and tells him she went away on her own. But, when she comes back to the office to let Fitz know the parents of one of the boys involved with the sex tape wants money for it, they share a rather lengthy and steamy kiss. She stops him though, telling him that Jake actually came with her. Fevered, scary Fitz is back when he grabs her arm and tells her to just give the family the money.

Luckily, she shuts the Morgan’s down in a very “Olivia Pope” manner, affirming she is the best and what she does and will destroy them if they don’t back down. They sign some sort of confidentiality papers and Olivia steps back into the spotlight. But, why isn’t Jake there to celebrate with her?

It’s clear throughout the episode that Jake is working up to revealing to both Olivia and the president about Rowan’s involvement in the murder of Jerry Jr. We know he commanded Tom Larson, the secret service agent we thought was most trustworthy to Fitz, to kill him. In the final scene, however, Rowan is brought in to interrogate Tom. Rowan is a master at his skill and forces Tom to say it was Jake who set the order to kill Jerry. As Jake sits patiently outside the Oval office, he is taken away by security and Tom is hauled off in cuffs. Rowan wins again, Fitz wins again, and Olivia…she is due for a rude awakening into just how corrupt these two men in her life really are.

Come on, Olivia.

As she does with the subject of all her investigations, it’s time to slap a picture of both her father and Fitz on the window in her office and unravel the webs each of them continues to string together.

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3.5 out of 5