Scandal: Baby Made a Mess Review

Wait...did Olivia just out "Pope" her father? Yes folks, yes she did! Here's the review for last night's Scandal episode.

Before I even TOUCH the amazing moves Olivia pulled to get a confession out of Tom (finally), we can’t forget that it was Abby who pulled gun on her foul ex-husband.

I’m actually surprised that tonight’s episode of Scandal wasn’t filled with flashbacks from Abby’s relationship with Chip. I appreciated Shonda Rhimes’ choice to stay in the present, because even in the brief moments Chip was on the screen, he was just as manipulative, creepy, and horrifying as I expected. No flashbacks are necessary to figure that one out. I got enough of a picture when he called himself nearly killing Abby multiple times during their marriage after beating her up, “losing his temper.” Can you blame Abby for pulling a gun on him? 

Olivia proposed that Abby go on national television and tell the world just who Chip is. Instead, Abby tells Ben about his client and he surprisingly ends up leaking a story that ruined his campaign altogether. Was that the same Ben who made Sally Langston help bomb victims so it would look good for her candidacy for president? Yes, that’s the same Ben.

I don’t know if it’s intentional to have our men of Scandal pick and choose the morals they want to abide by that week, or if it’s just a matter of character development? When Abby called Olivia breaking down about her ex-husband possibly being a candidate to become the senator of Virginia, Olivia tells her if Fitz knew what he had done, he would never keep him on.

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Um…are we talking about the same Fitz? The Fitz that murdered someone, the Fitz that beat Jake to a pulp, the Fitz that is cruel to anyone when things aren’t going his way with Olivia?  Oh…but he draws the line at abusive husbands. Remind me of that when he calls his wife “Smelly Mellie” again.

However, a moment that really surprised me and that really sheds light on Fitz’s vulnerability is when Olivia brings up his attempted suicide while she was away. I hope Rhimes goes more into this in a later episode because that is the second time it has been mentioned…but not truly addressed. When Olivia goes to visit Tom in supermax, I did not expect to get this interesting point of view on Fitz. He explains to Liv the sadness he experienced when she was gone, going to her apartment and desperately crying. This is also when he tells her about Fitz’s attempted suicide. These insights are crucial for Fitz’s character since the majority of what we get are tension filled conversations between him and Liv, or tension filled conversations with Mellie about him and Liv, or him wreaking havoc on his companions because something went wrong with…you guessed it, him and Liv. Tom’s perspective on Fitz made me appreciate this love he has for Olivia and see that it really is love, not just lust and infatuation.

The best part in the episode though had to be that montage sequence while Olivia played a recording of Tom’s confession about the murder of Jerry Jr. to Fitz. It flashed back to her and Tom in supermax, telling him that her father would have him killed because he was no longer a necessity. But, little did we know that when we see Tom getting stabbed by a security guard, it was actually Olivia who set him up, Quinn paying the guard off to do it. This convinced Tom that Olivia was right about her father, so he confessed everything. Just when I start to think it’s going to take all season for Olivia to realize her father is up to no good…there she goes out Pope-ing her dear ‘ol dad.

Really, he should be proud.

Things to keep an eye on for the coming episodes:

Well, the episode started off with the suicide of Kaitlin’s father. The fact that we found out his involvement with why there was a random locker with pictures of Olivia in it last week hasn’t been nearly resolved and I’m thinking it’s a huge storyline just waiting to take stride.

Cyrus’ hooker must not know just what he does when he’s been betrayed. But, since Cyrus got absolute confirmation that his lover was leaking information to Elizabeth, he may not be long for this world. 

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Mellie didn’t have too much screen time in tonight’s episode, but it’s clear that her anger is what’s driving her to step up. The best Mellie moment of the night was her calling Fitz out for tearing her down the moment things got bad for her, when she has stood by him through all his “messiness.” 

Thank you, Mellie!

It’s about time someone told him that. Honestly, the moment he called her “Smelly Mellie” was the moment I started campaigning for President Mellie Grant. 

Javi knew his videogame pal was actually his father, Huck! That was the sweetest moment of the episode. But, what will his mother think?

As the episode closed out, it looked like Olivia, Fitz, and Jake may just team up to take down Rowan and what is left of B613. I’m all for B613’s demise, but as for the three of them working together to do it…

I’ll need an Olivia Pope sized glass of wine to watch that trio in action.

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4 out of 5