Scandal: Honor Thy Father Review

Jake can't be bad...can he? Here's our review for last night's, Scandal.

You think you know a character and then you don’t. A classic Shonda Rhimes move. How many times have the good guys gone bad or the bad guys gone even worse? Rhimes always keeps us guessing the direction of each of these characters and once we think we have them figured out, they will do something completely out of the ordinary and throw us off. Well, Rhimes was definitely trying to keep us guessing last night and let me tell you…

It worked.

I almost stopped trying to figure out Jake Ballard half way through the episode and just decided he had gone completely off the deep end. After weeks of previews suggesting just that and the episode starting off with Jake basically threatening to kill David if he pursued this B613 case, it was not hard not to think otherwise.

David thought if they found other B613 members that Jake had worked with in the past, that they could maybe persuade him to testify. However, when Charlie came back to his apartment to find nearly all of them dead and Jake about to leave the scene without a scratch, it was easy to assume he did it. Especially after finding out he has been tapping David and listening to all of his conversations.

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The best scene of the night, however, is when Huck tells Olivia he needs to protect her from Jake. That’s when the audience is exposed to what really happened with Jake intermingled with shots of Jake getting ready to kill David. However, as we see Jake pull his gun, David Rosen moves out of the way where we see Holly, his assistant, aiming for Jake. He shoots her almost instantly.

I never even considered that Holly was B613. The symmmetry between Jake and Holly as they pointed their guns toward each other was brilliant and made me question just who was going to come out of this alive. Jake saves the day and we realize he didn’t kill those other former B613 agent at all. It was Holly who was hiding with a bloody knife in her hand. Thank you Liv for clarifying another confusing situation.

Olivia’s task this episode was to prove the innocence of Congressman Reid’s father. This story line actually paired really well with some other “father” storylines throughout the episode including one with Mellie and her half sister, Harmony. After Elizabeth vetted Harmony, she visited the white house saying her and Mellie needed to make peace. Harmony was hilarious and charming with her southern accent and wittiness. However, both Mellie and her endured several uncomfortable moments as they rehashed their past with their father. Fitz finally stepped in, trying to help Mellie out and Harmony left on good terms with Mellie.

Even though Fitz and Mellie seem mostly like a professional team, maybe even friends, I liked seeing Fitz finally stick up for her and help her out by trying to ease things between Mellie and Harmony.

Took you long enough, Fitz.

No Olitz tonight, but the father of all Scandal fathers made quite the return. At the end of the episode, poor Russell (Olivia’s new lover) was standing at the door with Rowan close by his side. I have a feeling Russell won’t be back after this.

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Who can deny the potential amazingness and horror that is to come with Papa Pope back in town? I don’t know if David Rosen and his own team of gladiators will be able to take down B613, but I sure am going to watch them try.


3 out of 5