Scandal: Baby, It’s Cold Outside Review

To say Christmas on Scandal was…unique, would be an understatement. Here’s our review of the winter finale.

This Scandal review contains spoilers.

Scandal: Season 5, Episode 9

While each scene was decked out in Christmas decorations, there wasn’t anything else ringing in the holiday cheer on Scandal. However, while I expected an action-packed episode for our winter finale, it turned out to be slower paced as each character got situated in new roles. Huck perhaps has been reformed, while it looks like Jake has slipped back into the assassin darkness. Mellie wasn’t bitter last night, she was progressive and determined. Rowan finally experienced regret and Quinn…well, Quinn was the same. She of course had a glimmer of happiness when Marcus invited her to spend Christmas with him and his family, but she turned him down and found herself wrapped in assassin Charlie’s arms by the end of the night.

For Liv and Fitz, however, it was a different story. As the episode went on and on, it was hard not to notice Olivia slipping farther and farther away from Fitz’s life. It quickly became clear that even if she did want to be with Fitz, this is not the life she imagined it would be with him. Even more so, she may have realized Fitz isn’t the person she thought he was, either. I guess moving in together truly is the best test to a lasting relationship. Not even the glamour of the white house could lighten the transition.

Best scenes of the night:

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Filibuster Mellie!

When Mellie realized the Planned Parenthood bill wasn’t going to get the funding it deserved, she decided to filibuster, making for a long Senate meeting, but a much needed reform to Mellie’s character. Finally, an episode where absolutely none of the scenes Mellie is in have anything to do with Fitz. Mellie shines without Fitz and I think perhaps seeing this triumph, made Olivia realize how much Fitz truly held her back.

Girls must go in pairs to the bathroom…

When Mellie finally got a bathroom break during the filibuster, she came upon Liv in the restroom, realizing she was the one to get the vice president there to ask a long question so Mellie could excuse herself. This bonding moment between them had no bitterness or resentment, but just some good ‘ol girl power. Perhaps for Liv though, she experienced a sort of envy towards Mellie seeing the freedom she had to fight for what she believed in, something Olivia used to do daily at OPA. There was nothing glamorous about this scene, set in a small bathroom, Mellie close to giving up. A quick pep talk from Liv was all she needed to get back to the filibuster and all I needed to confirm for myself that Liv needed to get out of the White House for good.

The break up…

While many Scandal fans had been waiting for that moment last spring when Fitz and Olivia met on that balcony, the glory of it all was short lived. Being the president’s girlfriend was tearing Liv down. For Liv, the worst thing that could possibly happen to her wouldn’t be losing her boyfriend, or her father, or any of her other friendships. It would be losing who she is that would ultimately destroy her and that is exactly what was happening.

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Shocks of the night:

Even though last night’s episode was a bit mellower than anticipated for a classic Shonda Rhimes finale, it still managed to have some unexpected moments.

Jake vs. Huck vs. Daddy Pope: Between Huck and Jake, I would have definitely banked on Huck folding his “good boy” cards and break out his torture tools on Rowan. However, Huck, don’t freak out…

Huck used his words: I know, crazy right! Meanwhile Jake decided to kill Russell for the only reason I can fathom, because he once tried to kill Jake and this was payback. He eventually catches up with Rowan after Huck released him from their bonding time and lets him know he now understands he is not Lazarus One while the rest of us are still totally in the dark about what it actually is. Rowan then welcomes Jake home like a father to a son and Jake, like a child, willingly follows him in as if in a trance. Rowan’s got a hold back on Jake…so, here we go on that train again.

Olivia’s abortion: This scene had to be the most unexpected. There was no sign that Olivia was even pregnant and then all of the sudden she is getting an abortion. An emotional and incredibly real moment for Scandal and a true realization of how much Olivia had lost because of Fitz.

February 11thYes, that is how long we have to wait for Scandal and the rest of TGIT to return. While we weren’t treated to the usual cliffhanger, it still doesn’t make the wait less antagonizing. I am assuming that we will become more familiar with what the hell Lazarus One is and just how deep Rowan and Jake get into it. OPA better come to more of a forefront on the show once again with Liv out of the White House and back on her new sofa with a large glass of wine. Also, whatever this love triangle is between David Rosen, Elizabeth and the Vice President is, something tells me that if it is getting this much attention…there’s more to this storyline than meets the eye.

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We will see you in February!


3 out of 5