Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 19 Review: Abrakadanger

Power Rangers Ninja Steel isn't just a bad show. It's also bad for kids.

This Power Rangers Ninja Steel review contains spoilers.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 19

Before I get into this weeks review allow me to tell all of you a story that happened a few weeks ago. I was visiting my family and was seeing my cousin for the first time in awhile. I filled him in on how I had somehow become an official Power Rangers expert (no, seriously) and he asked how the show was these days. After all, he liked it as a kid and has kids now.

I looked him dead in the eyes and without hesitation said, “Power Rangers is horrible these days. Do not let your kids watch it.”

Power Rangers is not just a bad TV show in its current form but it’s especially awful for kids. The lessons that these episodes are supposed to be teaching are ass backwards and undercut themselves without fail.

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Let’s take a look at the main plot this week. Preston has to learn not to rush in learning his new spells. Okay, cool. Solid lesson even for adults! You can’t expect to become a master at something in one day, right?

Oh. Preston literally becomes a master magician in one day. Sure, he messed up and got a condescending talk from Mick and that fixes everything! Don’t worry kids, just fail once and that’s enough to make you amazing at something! This happened last week with Redbot being forgiven for his lies and even all the way back when Calvin got his drivers license in less than a day.

I understand that you’re trying to tell self contained episodes but why not just have Preston end the episode saying, “I’ve still got a long ways to go but one day I hope to become a real master.” That’s an actual lesson. Showing kids you just have to practice for a day to become amazing is asinine.

It’s especially bad when you remember that Mystic Force, a pretty universally disliked past season, did this plot better. “Code Breakers” featured Chip and Vida trying to unlock their spell codes by doing good deeds. However, they learned they couldn’t just force their abilities with the spell codes. It would come naturally over time.

Preston on the other hand is explicitly told, “Don’t skip spells bad things will happen.” Then he’s shocked when, NO WAY, something bad happens. I guess this show is being made for three year olds now but come on; Preston doesn’t need to look that stupid to sell the story.

Not so much a bad element but a horrible story decision, as Jeremy Simpson pointed out on twitter, “I wouldn’t parody the Billie Jean King/Bobby Riggs Battle of the Sexes in an episode that pushes Hayley aside to focus on Preston, Power Rangers.” He’s totally right. This should have been Hayley’s episode.

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The idea of her having to practice her tennis is a good one (plus Hayley’s actress is far and away the best in the Ranger cast) but it just gets bogged down in nonsense. The magic spell plot doesn’t mesh with Hayley’s. Struggling in a sport feels real. It feels like an actual relatable plot that would sell the lesson of the day better than, “hey here’s a random spell book from another galaxy don’t be a dumbass with it.”

This isn’t even getting into the nitpicky stuff that brings the episode down even further. Dumb lines like, “Cool, it’s Princess Viera” that assumes the audience has the memory of a goldfish and needs to be told it’s someone we’ve already mentioned in this episode.

“You came in last.”“Read it, Monty. It says second.”

What does that exchange even mean? Victor is… mad he isn’t in last place? Monty thinks second IS last place for Victor? I don’t understand.

Ninja Steel is bad on every level and it can’t even get “decent enough to shove your kids in front of while you’re making lunch.” It’s bad. It’s borderline unwatchable (except for Victor’s quest to get his 50th trophy. That’s the only story arc that matters.)

Why is anyone watching this? Who cares about Ninja Steel? Why would anyone let their kids watch a series that has such bad lessons?

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Shamus Kelley thinks,You can’t spell victory without Victor” is the greatest line ever in Ninja Steel. Follow him on Twitter! 


1 out of 5