Percy Jackson and the Olympians Episode 6 Release Time and Season Recap

Here's everything you need to know before diving into episode 6 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, including when and where to watch.

Lin Manuel Miranda as Hermes in episode 6 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Photo: David Bukach | Disney

Things are getting tense for our young trio of heroes in Percy Jackson and the Olympians as they continue to make their way across the U.S. Percy (Walker Scobell), Annabeth (Leah Sava Jeffries), and Grover (Aryan Simhadri) have narrowly escaped death not once, not twice, but three times in the short time since they left Camp Half-Blood to find Zeus’ missing master bolt. Time is running out, and the trio still hasn’t figured out who took Zeus’ powerful weapon, or why it was stolen in the first place.

With somewhat safe transportation to the west coast secured, and the promise of help from his father once they get to California, Percy and his friends push forward on their quest, despite the dangers that likely await them in the Underworld.

Here’s what you need to know before diving into episode 6 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

When and Where Will Percy Jackson Episode 6 Be Available to Watch?

Episode 6 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, “We Take a Zebra to Vegas,” will be available to watch for Disney+ subscribers on Tuesday Jan. 16 at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT in the U.S. and Wednesday Jan. 17 at 2 a.m. GMT in the UK.

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians Episode 5 Recap

This section contains spoilers for Percy Jackson and the Olympians Episode 5.

After narrowly escaping Echidna (Suzanne Cryer) and her newborn Chimera at the St. Louis Gateway Arch, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover find themselves on the run from mortal law enforcement as well. Because the trio were seen fleeing the scene of the Gateway Arch explosion and the mysterious destruction of the Amtrak they were riding, mortals think they are reckless hooligans leaving a trail of damage in their wake. It doesn’t help that Gabe (Timm Sharp) has been soaking up his 15 minutes of fame by portraying Percy as a violent, troubled youth and blaming him for Sally’s (Virginia Kull) disappearance every chance he gets. 

Unable to use any form of public transportation, the young heroes find themselves at the mercy of Ares (Adam Copeland), who offers aid in exchange for retrieving a shield he lost. Sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately for Annabeth and Percy, Ares fails to mention that the theme park his shield resides in was created by Hephaestus (Timothy Omundson), and that Ares lost this shield during a not-so-secret tryst with Hephaestus’ wife Aphrodite.

In order to obtain the shield, Percy sacrifices himself to a trap laid by Hephaestus. This trap is a chair made of gold that is strong enough to hold the gods, but that doesn’t stop Annabeth from trying to free her friend. Hephaestus then appears and tries to convince Annabeth to leave him behind and take the glory of the quest for herself, thinking that she’s no different than the rest of his family. Annabeth refuses, insisting that Percy would do the same because he’s not like the gods or their kin. He doesn’t care about fame or glory, he cares only for his family and friends. Appearing somewhat surprised and touched by their bond, Hephaestus releases Percy from the chair and sends the young demigods on their way.

Meanwhile, Grover has been stuck at a nearby diner with Ares as collateral to make sure that Percy and Annabeth retrieve the shield without betraying him. As painful as this sounds for someone of Grover’s gentle temperament, the young satyr actually finds a way to use the situation to his advantage. With his skills of empathic connection, Grover is able to connect with Ares and subtly glean what he knows about the missing bolt and the quest.

Once Annabeth and Percy return with the shield, Ares sets them on a path to Las Vegas via a semi truck carrying live animals. Once there, they are supposed to meet up with Hermes (Lin Manuel Miranda) at the Lotus Hotel for further aid. As soon as Ares is out of earshot and the trio are on their way, Grover reveals that he thinks he now knows who stole the master bolt.

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