Outlander Season 5: Who is Geordie?

In the Outlander Season 5 finale, we learn the fate of Geordie, who was injured in Lionel Brown's attack on the Ridge.

Outlander Season 5
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This Outlander article contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 5 finale.

In the Outlander Season 5 finale, we see the horrific fallout from Claire’s abduction. While this mostly takes the form of having to watch Claire as she endures physical, emotional, and sexual abuse at the hands of Lionel Brown and the other bandits, we also get an update on how the citizens of Fraser’s Ridge are doing post-attack on the Ridge. Namely, that Geordie was killed by Lionel and his compatriots.

Who is Geordie, you may be asking yourself. A good question! The Geordie in question is not Print Shop Geordie (Lorn MacDonald), aka Jamie’s irritable print shop assistant who was such a charming addition to the Season 3 cast of characters. Nor is he Season 1 Geordie (Bryan Larkin), aka Geordie Dougal, who was memorably impaled by a wild board back in the Castle Leoch days. No, the current Geordie in question is perhaps less memorable than either of those two Geordies. (Sorry, Season 5 Geordie. R.I.P.)

So which Geordie was this? The Geordie whose death is confirmed in the Outlander Season 5 finale is Geordie Chisholm (Gilly Gilchrist). He appeared in six Season 5 episodes, including his introduction in “Free Will.” In the books, Geordie Chisholm is an ex-prisoner from Ardsmuir who lives with the Frasers at the Ridge; he is married and has five children. He looks a little something like this…

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Actor Gilly Gilchrist

In “Journeycake,” Geordie has the bad luck of being in Claire’s infirmary as a patient when Lionel and the other men break in. He tries to fight them off, and is stabbed in the process. We find out in “Never My Love” that, without Claire around to heal him and Marsali unconscious, he succumbed to his wounds. Presumably, this death is a way to get around killing off any of the major characters while still imbuing the attack with an immense sense of gravity and consequence. You know, if the Season 5 finale’s depiction of men gang-raping Claire—yet another example of this show using sexual violence as a plot device—didn’t get that point across for you.

So there you have it. Your guide to the many Geordies of Outlander: Boar Geordie, Print Shop Geordie, and Dead Geordie. (Boar Geordie is also dead, obviously, but Boar Geordie is a much cooler name.) May we meet many Geordies in Outlander‘s future and may they be blessed with the luck of Print Shop Geordie (who I am pretty sure is still alive) rather than Boar Geordie or Dead Geordie.