Other Space Returns and Will Stream Exclusively on DUST

Paul Feig’s little space-show-that-could will return after a five-year-long absence. Here’s the trailer and the details on the ‘Other Space’ comeback.

Other Space
Photo: DUST

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Five years ago, one year before Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters hit theaters, the Bridesmaids comedy mastermind debuted a quirky, heartwarming science fiction series called Other Space. If you missed the streaming-only show back in 2015, the easiest way to describe the series would be Community meets The Orville, but better and more charming than both.

Other Space is like HBO’s Avenue 5 or Netflix’s Space Force, but funnier and far less cynical. And now, after a long absence, you can finally catch one of the best sci-fi shows you may have missed the first time around.

Check out a brand new trailer for the series right here…

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In 2015, Other Space streamed exclusively on Yahoo! Screen. But after that service was shut down, the series didn’t return. But now, thanks to the new streaming service DUST, Other Space has found a new permanent home. For fans of the show who were unable to watch the series after 2016 this is amazing news, and for people who have never seen it, even better.

Other Space follows the adventures of an inept crew of people sent into space with little to no qualifications. That said, it also plays most of the sci-fi tropes fairly straight, which gives the series its unique blend of kitsch and charm. The aesthetic of Other Space is what would happen if you and your buddies all found a collection of costumes and sets from Space: 1999 and then actually went into space. The robot is clunky, the sets are cheap, and the jokes are sharp. The cast includes Karan Soni (Deadpool), Bess Rouss (Ghostbusers 2016), Neil Casey (Avenue 5), Eugene Cordero (The Good Place), Conor Leslie (Titans), Milana Vayntrub (This Is Us), and Jessica Chaffin (Big Mouth). 

We’re going to continue celebrating the return of Other Space later this month. On July 30, Paul Feig, Bess Rous, Karan Soni, Eugene Cordero, and Conor Leslie will all participate in a virtual panel discussion to celebrate the re-launch of Other Space on DUST! 

The panel will be simulcast on Facebook Live and YouTube Live at 6pm EST on Thursday, July 30. RSVP to the exclusive livestream, where DUST and Den of Geek will screen the first episode of Other Space, followed immediately by a live Q+A session with the creator and cast. Grab a free ticket to the online event right here. Eager to ask a question? Drop it in the comments section below and we’ll try to get it answered, live!

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