Netflix TV Shows to Watch: Scrotal Recall (Seriously)

If you love British accents, a little romance, and a lot of quirk, then Scrotal Recall should be your next binge watch.

Our Netflix Pick of the Week is the British romantic comedy series, Scrotal Recall. Now, don’t let the title put you off. I know what you’re thinking: Why on earth did Netflix recommend this to me?

Well, if you are getting the impression that this is some raunchy, over the top Netflix original then think again. This seemingly contentious title is just a fun play on words for a show full of humor and a lot of heart.


The series is centered on three best friends, focusing on Dylan (Johnny “Joe” Flynn) who in the first episode is diagnosed with Chlamydia. Now, one would assume that Dylan is some sort of hot shot, sleeping around with tons of women. But, almost immediately after the episode begins, it is clear that Dylan is not that guy. Somewhat awkward, kind, and idealist Dylan just wants to fall in love. He wants to find the one. So instead of sending cards to the women of his past, informing them of his STD, he decides to contact those personally allowing for the story to switch between present day and the past. Usually a show heavy in flashbacks isn’t my cup of tea. But, the moments when we flash back into Dylan’s past, we not only see the development of his character, but also insight into his two best friends: Luke (Daniel Ings), who loves sex and avoids relationships at all costs and Evie (Antonia Thomas), a kindhearted photographer who is secretly in love with Dylan. The three of them together weave together a story full of nostalgia, but also an encouragement to live in the present. 


Unfortunately, there is only one short season of Scrotal Recall with a total of six episodes…for now. While on Netflix it says it is an original series, it actually aired on Britain’s Channel 4 towards the end of 2014, finally becoming available to the US on Netflix this past April. No word yet on a season 2, however there is so much more of Dylan and the rest of the gang’s story to be explored that I hope season 2 will be a sure thing!

Why You Should Watch It:

This series dials it back a bit away from the slapstick comedies and outrageous dramas and twisted sci-fi series we are so often seeing and follows a simpler and more genuine story of a young man just wanting to find “the one.” The dynamic between Dylan, Luke and Evie is really what makes the show so appealing. They are such honest, lovable and flawed characters that will have you wanting nothing more than to just be a part of their unit.  

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This series is for you if:

If you ever have experienced unrequited love, then this show will instantly tug at those heartstrings. Whilst we see Dylan’s past relationships, we also see his best friend, Evie hopelessly in love with him. Plus, it’s not just Dylan and Evie’s love lives you are learning about. There are some tender moments with Luke that make you understand and sympathize with him rather than just loathe or laugh at him. If you are longing for rich, relatable characters with incredibly empathetic storylines, then please, please, please check this out! 

Final Verdict:

After a year of filling up on superhero shows, and historical and fantastical dramas, it is refreshing to find a show that’s soul and charm comes from its characters’ experience of human life. Misfits fans may be in it for Antonia Thomas and fans of Johnny Flynn’s music may be in it for him. But, what will keep people hooked are the intertwined lives of three individuals trying to find their purpose and the love of their life. 


4 out of 5