Moon Knight Season 2 Could Shift Focus to Jake Lockley

Season 2 of the MCU series is still unconfirmed, but writer Jeremy Slater has big plans if Moon Knight gets a second shot.

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector and Steven Grant in Marvel's Moon Knight Episode 5
Photo: Marvel

This article contains Moon Knight spoilers

Even those disappointed by Moon Knight had to admit that Jake Lockley was pretty cool. When Marc Spector’s third personality revealed himself as a newsboy-cap-wearing, Spanish-speaking tough guy, reservations about the series were kicked aside, like a discarded hospital wheelchair. Sadly, Lockley only made one appearance in the show, revealed to still be working as Khonshu’s assassin, despite the moon god’s deal with Spector and Steven Grant. But if Moon Knight does get a second season, we’re sure to see much more of Jake.

“That guy’s story is definitely not done,” head writer Jeremy Slater told Inverse. Although he may look similar to the cabbie Jake Lockley found in the comics, the version played by Oscar Isaac “is definitely not the same,” and thus remains “an open book.” His motivations remain a mystery not just to Marc and Steven, but to the viewers as well. “We don’t necessarily know, is he good?” Slater rhetorically asked. “Is he evil? We know he’s working for Khonshu. We know he has some sort of arrangement. And we know he is definitely more on board with Khonshu’s worldview in terms of punishing evildoers.”

That tension could create an interesting new development to bring Marc and Jake back into Khonshu’s control. While the victory against Arthur Harrow and Amit seemed to convince Marc against Khonshu’s violent ways, Jake’s existence proves that the moon god continues to control his life. Given the first season’s questions about goodness and evil, Jake’s moral ambiguity would allow the second season to continue with its predecessor’s themes.

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As compelling as those questions may very well be, it’s not clear that a second season of Moon Knight will happen. Thus far, none of the Disney+ MCU series have had more than one season. While season two of Loki and What If…? are currently in development, the model seems to prefer continuing the show’s storylines in movies, as with WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, or spinning off into new series, in the same way that Hawkeye leads to Echo. More importantly, Oscar Isaac broke the trend of signing a multi-year deal with Disney and had only agreed to do one season.

That said, Isaac did indicate that he would be willing to return as Marc et. al., if the story is right. And if Slater is to be believed, Lockley’s journey presents just the right type of story. Working as Khonshu’s assassin puts Lockley “in the service of the greater good,” Slater explained, but his allegiances aren’t clear. His connection to Khonshu forces viewers to wonder “is he going to be a friend? Is he an enemy?”

For Slater, those are “really exciting questions for whoever takes up the reins.” Even if he’s not the guy returning to be the showrunner, Slater believes that Lockley’s existence demands further exploration. As he told Inverse, “Whoever gets to tell the next Moon Knight story, whether that’s me or someone else, that is an exciting promise.” Is it exciting enough to bring fans back for more? Only time will tell.