Moon Knight Episode 6: Finale Release Time and Season Recap

Ready to watch Moon Knight come to its mind-bending conclusion? Here's everything you need to know before the finale!

Moon Knight
Photo: Marvel

This Moon Knight article contains spoilers.

Marvel shows on Disney+ have largely delivered great finales so far. Final episodes have given us the first appearance of Sam Wilson as Captain America, He Who Remains warning Loki and Sylvie about the incoming Kang the Conqueror, and the Watcher forced to intervene against an Infinity Stone-powered Ultron.

As it heads into its episode six finale, Moon Knight has just as much possibility for an explosive end, thanks in part to the many questions that remain. Here’s what you need to know about the series finale ahead of its release:

When Does the Moon Knight Finale Come Out?

Moon Knight episode 6 releases at 3:01 am ET/12:01 am PT on Wednesday, May 4 on Disney+.

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Moon Knight Recap

Even if you’ve kept up with all five previous episodes of Moon Knight, a lot has happened! Here’s a refresher of the major points in the season thus far. You can also read our spoiler-filled review of episode 6 here.

Steven Grant Gets a Scarab

Timid Steven Grant spends his days working at a gift shop in a London museum, leaving phone messages for his mum, and hanging out with a living statue street performer. In fact, the only problem plaguing Steven seems to be his sleepwalking troubles, which drive him to either stay awake all night or chain himself to the bed. But when Steven finds himself in a European village, holding a scarab desired by cult leader Arthur Harrow, he realizes that he can’t go on. 

Things get even worse when Harrow follows Steven back to the museum, demanding the return of the scarab, so he can find the tomb of the Egyptian goddess Ammit. Harrow wants to release Ammit and bring justice to the world, allowing the goddess to judge and destroy evildoers before they commit their wrongs. When Steven cannot give up the scarab, Harrow sends a magical jackal after him. Steven’s only escape is to listen to the voice in his head and “give up the body,” allowing him to transform into the superhero Moon Knight.

Steven Grant Is Marc Spector Is Moon Knight

The museum attack forces Steven to realize that he has a violent alter-ego in the form of the mercenary Marc Spector. Worse, Spector has sworn their body in allegiance to Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon. As Moon Knight, Spector defends the innocent, but Steven doesn’t care for Marc’s brutal ways. The two personalities battle one another for control of the body, with Marc manifesting as the caped Moon Knight and Steven as the dapper Mr. Knight. 

As the story goes on, Steven eventually discovers that Marc is not his alternate identity, but that he is Marc’s. To deal with abuse at the hands of his mother, who grieves the death of her younger son Randall, Marc invented a kindly and good personality called Steven Grant, based in part on the British adventurer who starred in movies Marc enjoyed as a child. 

Worse, Marc’s fractured mental state may have been the chief appeal for Khonshu, who chose Marc as his avatar when the latter nearly died trying to stop his partner from murdering innocent archeologists. Dragging his dying body in front of Khonshu’s statue, Marc agreed to become Moon Knight if the god would heal him. Marc lived and did Khonshu’s dirty work, but the identity breaks grew more intense. 

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They continue even as Khonshu angers a group of his fellow gods in a desperate play to stop Harrow. As punishment, Khonshu is entombed and buried, effectively removed from Marc and Steven’s lives.

Marc’s Wife Layla Returns

As he’s trying to accept the fact that he has a hidden stash of weapons and that he’s under attack by magical jackals, another bombshell drops in Steven’s life. The dashing tomb raider Layla El-Faouly finds Steven and demands to know why he’s not answering to “Marc,” why he’s using a British accent, and why he doesn’t acknowledge her as his estranged wife. Eventually, she learns about Marc’s alternate personalities and develops feelings for Steven. 

But even as the two grow closer, Layla discovers that Marc was part of the mercenary group who murdered her father, the archeologist Abdallah El-Faouly. Layla confronts Marc about the secret but doesn’t get a satisfying answer before Harrow arrives and kills Marc.

Marc Spector Is Dead. Steven Too. Maybe.

At the end of Moon Knight’s fourth episode, Harrow shoots Marc. We watch Marc’s body sink into a pool of yellow liquid. But when he wakes up, he finds himself in a mental hospital, where he and several others he knows – including Layla – are patients. Worse, the hospital is operated by Harrow, who now appears to be a psychologist doing his best to help diagnose Marc. 

Marc escapes Harrow’s office only to find Steven hidden in a sarcophagus. After freeing Steven, the two encounter Taweret, a hippo-shaped goddess of children and mothers. According to Taweret, the mental institution is a construct designed to help Marc and Steven balance the scales before entering the afterlife. If the scales balance, they’ll be able to spend eternity in a peaceful Field of Reeds. If not, they’ll be cast into the sand, frozen in place forever. 

Steven and Marc take a trip through the latter’s history, a journey that forces him to face up the horrible things he did as a mercenary. But just when the scales seem balanced, Steven is thrown overboard and frozen in the sand as Marc is delivered to the Field of Reeds

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There May Be a Third Personality

While in the mental hospital, Steven and Marc hear another voice yelling from a sarcophagus. This voice might have something to do with events that neither personality can recall, suggesting that there is a third personality in addition to Marc and Steven. We suspect it’s the MCU version of Jake Lockley from the comics.

Will the Finale Tie Everything Up?

As this summary shows, Moon Knight has a lot of questions to answer in its last episode. Will the show pull off a satisfying ending? Will it introduce compelling plot threads for later shows and movies? Or will it all end in disappointment? Find out when the sixth episode airs on Wednesday, and then be sure to join the Marvel Standom team later that day as we share our live reactions to the series.