Marvel Fans React to the WandaVision Finale

A heart-breaking WandaVision season finale on Disney+ got a mixed reaction from Marvel fans.

Elizabeth Olsen In WandaVision
Photo: Marvel Studios

This article contains spoilers for the WandaVision finale.

Please stand by.

In the season finale of Marvel’s Wanda Maximoff and Vision spinoff WandaVision, there were inevitable showdowns between two very badass witches and two surprisingly conversational synthezoids. Unanswered questions and tantalising post credits scenes lay ahead. But there was also a little disappointment in store for those fans who hoped there would be a major cameo appearance in the finale, or a possible entry point for the X-Men in the MCU.

We began the final episode right where we left off in the penultimate one, as Wanda and Agatha discovered the extent of each other’s powers. Agatha quickly revealed how easily she was able to absorb Wanda’s magic, which was inexorably amplified by Strucker’s Mind Stone experiments pre-Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Wanda soon realized that she was a bit out of her depth facing off against a witch with all the magic knowledge that comes with decades – perhaps centuries – of study.

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Agatha seemed to be playing Wanda like a fiddle as she showed Wanda the true misery she had accidentally created for the residents of Westview, and delivered an ominous prophecy about Wanda’s future – the Scarlet Witch is apparently set to destroy the world.

As the battle continued, Wanda came to understand that she would have to let go of her perfect white picket fence life, even if it meant losing her family. She transformed into the vision she had seen when she encountered the Mind Stone, and fully became the Scarlet Witch, using the small amount of rune knowledge Agatha had coincidentally gifted her with in episode 8. Agatha was drained dry of magic, but given a small mercy in the end – she would just be imprisoned in her upbeat Agnes persona indefinitely. We suspect not forever, given the pair’s comics history.

Meanwhile, Vision was able to beat the Mind Stone-less version of himself by way of reason and philosophy. White Vision is clearly not immune to the charms of ponderous consideration. It’s their Achilles heel!

After Wanda said a sad goodbye to Vision, Billy and Tommy, and The Hex disintegrated, we got two post credits scenes setting up forthcoming Marvel projects. Monica Rambeau had a surprise visit from a Skrull who offered her an invite to space. It looks like she’ll be meeting Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos there in Captain Marvel 2 or Marvel’s Skrulls-centric series, Secret Invasion – whichever comes first.

Meanwhile, Wanda Maximoff had hidden herself away at a remote-but-scenic location to study up on the Darkhold and learn a thing or two about just how powerful she is. Mirroring the educational journey of Stephen Strange in 2016’s Doctor Strange, we saw her take astral form in WandaVision’s final moments and make contact with Billy and Tommy – who were seemingly crying out for her help somewhere in the wide multiverse. It appears the rumors were true: Wiccan and Speed (Julian Hilliard and Jett Klyne) will return in Doctor Strange 2.

Marvel fans, fueled by coffee and emotions, reacted to the events of the finale online…

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