Lucifer Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Our Mojo

Team Lucifer searches for a serial killer, and Dan confronts his fears.

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This Lucifer review contains spoilers.

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 7

“Detective, I think you’ve stolen my mojo.”

For the second episode in a row, Lucifer concludes with a dramatic cliffhanger that holds the potential to fundamentally change the base narrative. At its core “Our Mojo” intimately examines Lucifer and Chloe’s attempts to navigate typical new relationship pitfalls and ironically relearn how to work as a team, the past five years notwithstanding. Perhaps it’s the serial killer murder investigation coupled with the knowledge of what Dan witnesses at the end of the previous episode, but a darker tone permeates the events here giving the show a different feel from the one ordinarily populated with sexually tinged banter. Regardless, it’s a perfect setup heading into the mid-season finale.

Let’s tackle the larger question first: does the bullet Dan fires hit Lucifer, and if so, to what effect? At this point in the series, we know that proximity to Chloe impairs Lucifer’s invulnerability. He’s been shot on multiple occasions, and his regenerative powers enable him to overcome mortal weapons. Here, Chloe’s presence leaves Lucifer open to whatever damage Dan’s bullet can wreak on his temporarily non-celestial physiology. It’s not clear whether the bullet strikes him, or if he’s able to successfully dodge the danger, but either way, the Devil is not going to be happy with Detective Espinoza once the smoke clears.

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So what motivates Dan to take this drastic action in the first place and is there anything special about the bullet he discharges from his weapon? We get a potentially heartbreaking scene that falls a bit flat when he visits Charlotte’s grave, and we begin to understand how he explains what it is he thinks he saw through Amenadiel’s window. Dan tells her the “bad news is I don’t think I’m going to be joining you” in Heaven. Does he think the Devil is here to take him to Hell and subsequently harm Chloe and Trixie? The latter doesn’t make sense, but before we get too deep in the weeds on that one, Michael answers Dan’s plea for a sign, and it’s clear trouble has arrived. As I stated in a previous review, I’m not a fan of the doppelganger as a narrative device, but here we are. 

The life-changing parenting struggles Linda and Amenadiel face certainly provide a relatable experience for many viewers, and though his acknowledgement that he now finds purpose in being a stay-at-home dad, his role promises to be just as significant in the inevitable fraternal war. We’ve already learned what the Archangel Michael hopes to accomplish during his time on Earth, and it will be interesting to see how Team Lucifer rises to the challenge. Perhaps even more important is how Dan reacts to their pleas to see the bigger picture.

Coming on the heels of last episode’s dive into the history of Chloe’s first real love, the murder investigation of a world class operatic soprano neatly extends the theme of loss of power as a serial killer looks to literally and figuratively steal the voices of his victims. Of course, the fascinating aspect of the crime is its natural connection to Lucifer’s struggle in finding balance in his relationship with the detective. His mojo represents the larger issue at play, and while it’s admirable on one level that he immediately suggests couples’ therapy with Linda, Lucifer’s desire for a quick fix to any problem suggests this will be the first of many hurdles they’ll have to climb if the union is to succeed. Lucifer’s used to being the center of attention, and whether he’ll find comfort in sublimating his power to another remains to be seen. 

It wouldn’t be Lucifer if the writers didn’t inject humor into an otherwise serious situation, and the decision to have Lucifer briefly carry a gun is brilliant. “I like to think of it as our gun,” he tells the detective referencing her attempt to defuse his agitation over the transfer to her of his investigative calling card. It’s also a nice touch to point out that like Chloe’s badge and gun, Lucifer’s mojo is an important aspect of his identity. And speaking of calling cards, when they test their mojo on the first victim’s neighbor, his annoyed reaction is priceless and establishes the nerd theme that Ella and new beau Pete continue. “It’s getting so a guy can’t plunder a Lich King’s burrow in peace anymore.”

It doesn’t get much better than the classic image of Ella and Pete arriving at the crime scene wearing official Star Trek uniforms. “Weirdest, darkest date ever.”  Interestingly, it’s Pete’s attempt to thaw the chill he senses from Lucifer that gives him a sense of direction. Pete admits sharing his life and interests with Ella empowers both of them, and while we understand that Michael’s appearance threatens to derail the couple, Lucifer takes Pete’s words to heart. “All I can do is open up and let her in.” 

As the other characters adapt to changes in their lives, Mazikeen continues to flail about in what seems to be a constant state of despair. From a storytelling perspective, her angst is losing its edge, and it’s time for something significant to take place. Linda tells Lucifer there’s something buried that’s preventing him from accessing his mojo, and even though she offers Maze the same assessment, the demon simply refuses to take any responsibility and blames her mother for her perception that “everyone rejects me.” Fine, she doesn’t have a soul. We’ve all seen enough to know that no one’s more fiercely loyal than Maze, with or without a soul, but now, with Michael’s return, her allegiance becomes a question mark.

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Chloe and Lucifer seem to have the right attitude regarding the obvious challenges their relationship faces, and “Our Mojo” does a wonderful job of forcing the partners to take a long hard look at each other’s strengths and weaknesses. After two rather dramatic cliffhangers, we can only wonder what the writers have planned for the final episode before Lucifer goes into hibernation. Let’s just hope that the Devil gets his mojo back.


4.5 out of 5