Link Tank: The UK’s Show of Strength at SXSW

We’ve got highlights from UK representation at SXSW in partnership with ScreenUK in this edition of Link Tank.

Den of Geek UK, in partnership with ScreenUK, celebrated the best of United Kingdom-produced film, television, animation and gaming at SXSW this year.

Despite it being widely recognized as a top highlight from this year’s Academy Awards, Ryan Gosling almost didn’t give his amazing “I’m Just Ken” performance.

“During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday, the Barbie actor said his answer was “100 percent no” when he was first asked to perform the film’s hit song. ‘There’s a lot of ways that could go wrong,’ he explained.”

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Although tennis doesn’t typically hit the big screen the way other sports do, that’s beside the point in the Zendaya vehicle, Challengers.

“The tension in this game is all about the silent moments between points, and continuously hitting a small ball with a racquet doesn’t make for exciting entertainment. But director Luca Guadagnino and screenwriter Justin Kuritzkes have found a fascinating entry point: a tumultuous love triangle in which tennis is incidental to the story.”

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Terminator: Dark Fate may have been a vast improvement over other sequels, but don’t expect to see Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor again anytime soon.

“Hamilton went on to mention that while she won’t be revisiting the character of Sarah Connor, she doesn’t feel regret about returning in Terminator: Dark Fate. She highlights that the grueling task of shooting the film at 63 years old was made enjoyable by how much she enjoyed working with director Tim Miller and her fellow costars Mackenzie Davis and Natalia Reyes.”

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Many sci-fi shows have played around with the body-swapping trope, but Star Trek took things to the next level with the Trill, which appeared recently in Discovery.

“When Star Trek invented the ‘joined’ species of the Trill in 1991, it took the body-switching/body-surfing trope to a new level. While a specific Trill symbiont might live for several hundreds of years, this slug-like creature generally inhabited a humanoid host. This ‘joining’ often created a new hybrid personality each time, sort of like Time Lord regeneration from Doctor Who mashed up with internal alien parasites from Alien…”

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