Legends of Tomorrow: Caity Lotz Interview

We talk to Caity Lotz about her breakout on the Arrow spin-off, Legends of Tomorrow, White Canary, and her favorite time period.

This article contains a mild spoiler for Legends of Tomorrow episode 2.

Arrow season 4 spent a good deal of time resurrecting Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), just in time to have her join the cast of Legends of Tomorrow. She doesn’t stick around Star City for too long, though. Within the first few minutes of Legends of Tomorrow, Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) recruits her to join a team of time traveling superheroes.

We had some time to ask Ms. Lotz about the newest CW superhero show, and what’s next for Sara Lance…even when it’s in the past.

Is Sara still dealing with her bloodlust throughout Legends of Tomorrow?

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Caity Lotz: Yes. It’s something they carry on and deal with and I think we eventually will address and hopefully cure.

Were you hoping for more of that on Arrow? Are you excited to delve further into it?

On Arrow it was hard because they were like, “We’re going to chain you in this basement and you’re like a feral animal and then you’re going to run around killing people.” It was nice to be able to speak again and not just be a crazy killer.

Who does Sara get into it with the most on the ship?

Rip. They fight a lot. [Those scenes] are just dynamic and we get to bounce it off of each other. It’s fun.

Did you feel that chemistry right away?

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I think Rip Hunter is a very frantic person like this and Sara challenges him. So when he comes back at her flailing about, she doesn’t back down. So they do, they go at it.

How did you like the ‘70s go go boots?

You know, it’s funny. I feel like I was so into the ‘70s kind of thing that I couldn’t even hide it. You’d look at me like, “All right, Sara. You kinda like the ‘70s.” And I think she did.

At that point too, she wasn’t taking things too seriously. In the ‘70s, this was fun and like, “Oh, hey, young Stein, like he’s kinda cute” and knew that it would bother Victor [Garber]. She’s just having fun. I think the go go boots were fun. It was like Halloween, dress up for her. She’s not so into heels and dresses and stuff like that.

What have been your favorite time periods to visit?

I really like the ‘70s. That was pretty cool. Sara hates the ‘50s. The ‘50s is, like, not the biz, but it was kinda cool seeing all the cars and stuff like that.

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We saw a still of a very high kick. How hard is that for you to kick your leg up that high?

Really easy.

How long do you hold that position for a photo?

That’s a live action photo. You don’t hold it.

How did you feel the first time you tried the new costume and saw yourself in the mirror?

I liked it. I liked it a lot. It’s very similar to the other one, just different color and different cuts. They used a little bit thinner material so it was easier to move in. No wig, no mask was really nice because that’s just itchy and annoying. I mean, it looks cool but it’s nice to not wear a wig and mask.

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What’s one thing from the comic books that you hope you get to do as Sara in Legends?

White Canary is a very lesser known villain in the comics, so there’s not that much about her. If I ever did a mask, I wouldn’t mind how the White Canary has a face mask like that [over her nose and mouth].”

Was there one thing you discovered in the comic books that really helped you with Sara?

No. There was no Sara Lance in the comics. I read Black Canary comics and stuff but Sara really has her own backstory and where she came from.

Is there a formula to the fights where there are points you have to turn it over to an acrobatic stunt double?

No. I usually do all my own fights. On Arrow I used a double for motorcycle riding, jumping off backs of cars or having a bunch of stuff fall on top of you, jumping through glass.

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Things that are really dangerous, they won’t even let me do even if I wanted to. But the fighting stuff I like to do.

On Arrow, when we saw your shriveled corpse, was that based on a cast they took of you?

That actually is a body double, a very, very, very skinny woman and they superimposed my face.

When you emerge from the pit, was that a challenging scene to do?

It was fine. I was soaking wet in this Lazarus Pit hot tub. The water was warm so it wasn’t too bad, but then you’re dripping wet in your leather super suit having to go crazy. It was fun.