Caity Lotz on What’s Next for White Canary on Legends of Tomorrow

Caity Lotz discusses Sara Lance's sexuality and her favorite time period to visit on Legends of Tomorrow.

The WonderCon panel for Legends of Tomorrow came at an ideal time for Caity Lotz. The previously aired episode in which the Legends traveled back to the 1950s included a subplot in which Sara Lance (Lotz) had a romance with a nurse (Ali Liebert) who was living in the closet.

The episode also ended in a cliffhanger where the ship has to leave abruptly, leaving Sara, Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) and Kendra (Ciara Renee) on the ground in the ‘50s. That’s where we pick up and we spoke to Lotz about it in the WonderCon press room for Legends of Tomorrow

How does Sara deal with getting left on the ground by Rip?

She’s pissed. She’s not going to take it well. I think heartbroken too. They just left us there. 

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We’re there for a long time. I don’t know if it says how long we’re there but we’re there a long time in the ‘50s. It’s interesting how Sara takes it and what she does, so see the next episode.

How do Kendra and Sara help each other with their bloodlusts?

We see some of that for the next episode which is nice, and I really hope that we get to explore it even more. I think they’re so different, the characters are so different, but I hope that we can find a way to really get that kind of same bromance that Heatwave and Captain Cold have. I want Sara and Kendra to get that kind of deep friendship, but that’s got to be earned, so we’ll see.

As more and more shows explore bisexuality, did you feel the importance of playing that romance with the nurse in the ‘50s?

Yeah, I think this season has never really been about love for Sara, like finding love. I hope we get to play with that more, but that was fun. It was cool to do the 1950s thing and it was the perfect time for it.

I really like that episode just because of all the social issues that it touched upon with the mixed marriage and Jax in the soda shop and the jocks coming up to him because he’s black and Sara being bisexual talking to a girl, saying “lesbian” and she’s like, “Oh my God.” It’s like, it’s not a bad word. It’s okay. It’s just interesting how it was like that.

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There’s the line when Stein is talking about how idealistic it is and how amazing. Jax is like, “Yeah, if you’re white.” And Sara’s like, “Yeah, and a man, and straight.” It really wasn’t that great for everybody else so it’s interesting. I hope we do that more and more often.

It’s such a weird show, kind of out there in a good way, and I hope we just keep going more weird.

What would be your favorite time period to go to?

I would like to go to the ‘20s. I think that would be pretty fun, the Roaring ‘20s. I like the clothes. It seems very eclectic. I’d go to Berlin in the 1920s when it was real eclectic art scene.

As a dancer, was it easy to train for your stunts?

Well, I studied martial arts before I did acting. So I would dance and then I was like, “Oh, maybe I’ll do stunts.” This is before I was acting so I trained a lot in martial arts and the dance background is ridiculously helpful, especially in movie fu. It’s choreography. You’re memorizing. It’s like a dance with the other person so dance is really helpful.

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And I studied Filipino martial arts which they do a lot of stick work, which is like my bo staff and the double sticks, so all the weapon stuff. A lot of training and I like to do most of my  fighting

Do you do most of your own stunts?

Not all of them. Before I was on Arrow, everything else I’ve ever done, I never had a stunt double. I did everything. Then I got on Arrow and it was like, “You have to have a stunt double.”

There are certain things that I’m like, “I don’t want to do that.” You’re jumping through a pane of glass, you’ll get cut. There are certain things and there are so many variables. They have to press a button to shatter the glass but you have to hit the glass first because if they shatter it before you hit it, the shot doesn’t work. So they wait until you touch it and then they shatter it and it’s still glass so people get cut. So we definitely need our stunt team to do some stuff. They’re amazing.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays at 8PM on The CW.