Iwan Rheon interview: Misfits series 4, playing Simon, the US remake and more

With the third series of Misfits having ended with a bang, Caroline spoke to actor Iwan Rheon about what we can expect from series four…

Since its first episode in 2009, the success of E4’s Misfits has been nothing short of remarkable. Having rapidly grown in popularity, this expertly judged mix of drama, comedy and comic book sci-fi has continued to challenge, surprise and amuse. Even the departure of actor Robert Sheehan didn’t put series three off its stride, which remained consistently sharp and imaginative almost throughout.

With Misfits over for another year, we caught up with actor Iwan Rheon, who talks here about playing Simon, his thoughts on the US TV remake, and what we can expect from season four…

Can you tell us anything about season four?

I have absolutely no idea. I think they’ve just started to storyline it now, so who knows what will happen. I really like how Simon has developed and I feel I’ve been really lucky with the writing. It’s been really fun to join up from the end of the first series to the superhero character that came back last year. I’ve basically had to find the journey to make Simon become him. In the future, I guess, the story has already been told.

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How have the cast bonded with Joseph Gilgun this year?

It’s been great having Joe, and I think he’s been a breath of fresh air for the show. It’s been really fun and I was really, really pleased that they decided to cast him. I think he’s really funny, and really funny in real life, too. He’s a brilliant guy, so I guess, even though it’s a bit weird to be without Robert, I think it’s all worked out.

Do you prefer playing the serious stuff or dipping your toes in the comedy side of the show?

I’m always drawn towards the darker stuff, because I think it’s just a lot more interesting. But it’s also good fun doing the comedy and I think that’s why Misfits has been great in that way, as you get a really good balance. I think it’s best to try and do everything as an actor, really.

Do you miss your old powers at all?

Yeah, because I think my new power is pants. I don’t think Simon needs the invisibility anymore, but I also think it was a lot better than the new one. You can probably expect the powers to change again, as there’s a power dealer around isn’t there? I think some powers will change before the end of the series, and there’s always going to be changes now as they can buy new powers.

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Regarding the US remake of the show, how do you think it will translate?

I’ve absolutely no idea, but it’ll be really interesting to see how they take it and what they do with it. The audience and the way that television is regulated are very different out there, so you can’t say half the things that we say in Misfits on network television. It’ll be interesting to see how they compromise it, and how they adapt it to fit an American television audience. Who knows? I really can’t wait to see it.

What have been some of your favourite moments?

To film this series doing a lot of the Nazi stuff was great, because it felt like we were on a different job. It felt like we were on a different series or something. Everything looked different and we had guns, which was all good fun. In the second series I really enjoyed playing the more confident version of Simon, because it was such a change for me. It was brilliant to get the opportunity. Then this year, we also had the zombie cheerleaders.

Your character’s had the biggest journey, have you enjoyed that aspect?

I think it’s been a very natural progression for Simon. It’s always really interesting with a character that starts off really quiet and barely able to say a word in the corner, and then ends up becoming the most powerful and most confident. It really fits the superhero genre in a way. But in a superhero movie, Simon would go into the locker room, change, and come out with a superpower and save the world, but in Misfits it’s a gradual journey over three series to get to where he is. I’ve been really lucky and had a great time.

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Iwan Rheon, thank you very much.

Misfits series three is out on DVD and Blu-ray from Boxing Day.