Misfits series 2 episode 3 review

Love is in the air in the latest episode of Misfits. Here's our spoiler-packed review...

This review contains spoilers.

Like the Led Zeppelin classic, there’s a whole lotta love going on in the latest episode of Misfits. Our favourite chav, Kelly, has her tattoo retouched, while cheeky-boy Nathan stares aghast at a picture of a tattooed willy. As they leave the parlour though, Nathan suddenly wants to get to know Simon more intimately, a move that will launch a thousand slash fanfics by Saturday morning. But there’s something distinctly fishy about Nathan’s new tattoo…

Elsewhere, it’s looking like curtains for Curtis and Alisha. Both have new interests in their lives, Curtis goes to apologise Nikki who’s bed Nathan staged a dirty protest in, and finds she’s not as tough as her attitude. But it’s Alisha’s discovery of the Superhoodie’s identity that’s the big surprise here. When she wakes up in his lair, like Vikki Vale in Burton’s Batman, she’s gobsmacked to find out the parkour loving hero is Simon!

No longer the shy wallflower, he calmly explains that he’s come back from the future to ensure events take place as they should, and offering a small glimpse of what’s to come.

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This week’s instalment, then, confirms why this series goes from strength to strength. There’s a superpowered villain, after all, using his powers to… turn Nathan gay. Which isn’t as dastardly as Magneto exterminating the human race, perhaps. But this leads to a great confrontation where he’s defeated by an all too human weakness, a nut allergy.

Iwan Rheon has the hardest task here, playing two versions of the same character. But the differences between Simon-present and Simon-future are subtle yet recognisable. Simon-present is still the twitchy, awkward nerd he ever was, while Simon-future positively oozes calm and confidence. The reveal of the Superhoodie’s identity opens up more questions, such as how the hell did Simon ever manage to come out of his shell anyway? But also how has he managed to jump back? And why is it that certain things have to happen? Where is this all leading up to?

With such a big reveal, you’d expect the mystery to have lessened somewhat, but only the surface has been scratched. With bigger developments in store, it’s anyone guess as to where this is heading. Is Simon-future working towards the group’s best intentions? Or is it so he could finally score with Alisha? And why is he unaffected by her power?

I fear I’m sounding like a broken record every week, but once again, Misfits delivers a top quality episode. Each moment pushes the story forward, and you find yourself actually giving a damn about what’s going to happen next.

My only nit-pick is every so often the dialogue sounds like it was written by a horny 14 year old boy. But until a duff episode comes along, I’ll just keep praising this show for being a gripping and fresh take on superpowers.

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