How and Where to Watch Gangs of London Season Two

Series two of Gangs of London premiered on Sky Atlantic on 20th October - here’s how to watch it in both the UK and the US

Gangs of London Series 2
Photo: Sky UK

BAFTA-winning cult hit Gangs of London is back for a second series of intense, action-packed drama as London’s criminal underworld engages in its deadly (and addictive to watch) power struggle. The first episode of series two aired on Sky Atlantic on Thursday 20th October, and left fans hungry for more: so where can you watch the rest of the series in the UK? And when is Gangs of London season two being released in the US? We’ve got you covered:

Gangs of London Series 2 in the UK

Although it was originally announced as a boxset release, so far only the first two episodes of Gangs of London series 2 are available on Sky Atlantic and NOW. 

According to the NOW website, new episodes will be available to stream every Thursday, starting with episode three on Thursday 27th October.

The US release of Gangs of London Season 2

US fans will be able to watch the series when it premieres on AMC on Thursday November 17th – like the UK, American fans will get a double-dose of Gangs of London episodes to start with, followed by a weekly release of the rest of the season.

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How many episodes are there?

There’s eight episodes of Gangs of London this time – one less than series one – and it’s as brutal and exhilarating as ever. 

What’s new for series two of Gangs of London?

No major spoilers here, but series two takes place one year after the violent reckoning at the end of the first series, and the gangs are in disarray. This allows a new ruling force to take over – Koba – and he’s utterly ruthless. 

It’s a new role for Waleed Zuaiter (Baghdad Central), who in a recent Virgin Radio interview explained why Zoba is such an explosive new addition to the show: 

‘Nothing is off limits, and his code is power above family, which resonated a lot with me because when you watch season one, the core of it is family, and this guy is the antithesis of that. So, the only thing I can say is to expect ruthlessness in a way that you really haven’t seen before.’

A new gang is also arriving in the city – the Algerians – so there are some interesting new characters to meet in Gangs of London’s second series. The new cast includes Salem Kali (Colt 45), Fady Elsayed (My Brother the Devil) and Aymen Hamdouchi (Criminal: UK), plus a debut acting role for French rapper Jasmine Armando. 

We’ll see plenty of returning cast members too, including Michelle Fairley, Lucian Msamati, Orli Shuka and Narges Rashidi. Sope Dirisu, who also returns as Elliot Finch, spoke recently about what to expect from series two:

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‘The atmosphere of London has changed and our characters have to find a way to navigate that. There are some really incredible story arcs that even I can’t wait to watch.’

It’s been two and a half years since we first saw Gangs of London explode onto our screens in April 2020, and from everything we’ve seen so far, series two is going to be worth the wait.

Gangs of London continues on Thursdays on Sky Atlantic and NOW and arrives to AMC in the US from 17th November