Hindsight: Square One Review

Once again I'm under the Hindsight spell. Here's our review for last night's episode.

This episode we spend a little less time stuck on time travel and more time getting to know these wonderful characters. Becca spends the episode repaving her old life with a little old and a little new. Her quirkiness starts to come out a bit more in this episode, like when she kisses Alex, her fiancé in the future, before his girlfriend walks in the room and Becca awkwardly tries to sneak away as if she didn’t see.

Oh yeah, she saw.

Even though we don’t know too much about present day Becca, we do know that she was unhappy with her job, unsure about her engagement, and feeling rather uninspired. Well, when her boss ended up not giving her the promotion she asked for in the pilot episode, she grins and bears it at first. But, by the end of the episode, she’s fed up with cleaning up his personal messes and quits. 

I thought she was going to back track when her ex-fiancé, Sean, showed up with their honeymoon tickets in hand, asking her to go with him. Yeah right! But, she considers it after a conversation with her mother and even begins packing. Cue the Clark Kent-esque future fiancé to knock on the door and overtake her with a passionate kiss.

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I don’t think she’s going anywhere.

We also saw a side of Becca that surprised me after witnessing such a powerful bond between her and her best friend, Lolly. We get to see Lolly a lot more in this episode, finding out she works at a video store (but rarely works), she still uses AOL (classic), and is way more in love with Jamie than I thought. When they go to Becca’s parent’s house so she can explain why she called off the wedding, Lolly sneaks off to see Jamie and does this again later in the episode. While she was hesitant at first to be with him, after Becca calls Lolly out for being irresponsible and incapable of handling the problems Jamie will face in the future, she decides to be with him.  

A little cold, Becca. While we saw Lolly’s face drop the moment she left, Becca definitely didn’t take any notice to how her words affected her best friend. Perhaps, this is part of why they end their friendship?

What might stay the same in the future…the parents’ divorce.

After Becca tries to talk to them about her called-off wedding, her mother was beside herself. While the father tried to calm her down, the mother kept going on and on about how horrible it all was.

It may happen that a little of the mother’s coldness could rub off on Becca…

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Thankfully, in the end, the mother apologizes and decides not to interfere with Becca’s life anymore. But it’s hard to say whether or not her dad will be able to take her hostility. We will have to wait and see on that one.

Also, Becca and Lolly’s friendship. Sure, Becca is trying to change a lot of the things from the past. One huge thing she doesn’t want to happen is the fight between her and her best friend. However, if Becca doesn’t start checking the things she says to Lolly…it still may not end on a happy note. 

What we still don’t know:

-Jamie’s rehab: Just how bad does it get for him?-Lolly and Becca’s fight: What happened?-How did she time travel? Was it the man at the newspaper stand who reappeared and disappeared again at the bar in tonight’s episode? Probably. But if he keeps disappearing, we won’t be able to figure it out. 

What I wish I was still surrounded by from the 90s… VHS! Granted, I still have cupboards full of old VHS tapes and now a rather retro VCR player, but I’m more likely to pull out a DVD than an old cassette. Remember when there was a video store just down the street? Yeah…I miss that.

Well, I hope that empowered Becca is here to stay and the Becca that put her best friend down tonight doesn’t make a quick comeback. For next week: more flannel, more My So-Called Life references, and more classic Mariah Carey, please!

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3 out of 5