Haven: The Old Switcheroo part two review

It's time for part two of the Haven body-switching story, and it's darn good. Here's Rebecca's review...

This Haven review contains spoilers.

The second half of Haven’s body-switching adventure was infinitely more enjoyable than the first half. I’m not just saying that because of the gasp-worthy (and very naked) final few moments of the episode, either. Though you could make the argument that the last two weeks have all been a study in foreshadowing Audrey’s eventual return, I think that might be giving the show just a hint more credit than it deserves. But only just a hint — Haven is pretty adept at working with what it’s got, so I can’t write off this extended body-switching jaunt as completely coincidental.

Technically, as I believe I said last week, “The Old Switcheroo” (parts one and two) were a body-switching arc within a larger body-switching arc. While in part one it was confusing and too much to watch the main ensemble members grapple with playing other characters within their own bodies while also trying to lure Audrey permanently back into her body and away from Mara, part two handled it exceptionally well.

In part one, none of the actors seemed to have a handle on who they were. This week, Nathan’s impression of Duke was not only good enough to make me audibly chuckle (like the loser I am alone in my apartment) as he tried to get access to the gun locker, but it also served the plot. Mara was able to use the body-switching against Duke to get him detained at the Freddy, and Nathan’s inability to successfully drain a Trouble from Duke’s body worked to sustain that feeling of suspense.

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Side note: When my dog does something naughty in the house, I’ve taken to threatening that I will loose a Trouble upon him. This does not seem to phase him, but that is not stopping me.

Still, the jaunts from North Carolina to Maine were waaaaay too convenient, even if the Trouble of the week (the body swapping brothers) was an interesting one, especially when viewed in light of Dave and Vince. But I’m willing to overlook a little convenience if it means that we get Dave admitting that he fears he’s responsible for the death of the Colorado kid. If I had been wearing pearls, I’m pretty sure I would have clutched them. I think Vince was right there with me on that one. As much as I was all about this development, there is no way in a million years that I shall ever be convinced that the lost colony at Roanoke was caused by an invention of Stephen King — much though I enjoy the man (#DarkTower4Lyfe).

With everyone back in the appropriate body — and I mean everyone, hellooooo newly returned and totally nude Audrey — the days and weeks to come in Haven will prove exceptionally interesting. For one thing, with Audrey back, why bother not just offing Mara? I could be saying this because I lack a moral compass, but let’s be real, we were all thinking it. I’m nursing the hope that Duke becomes some sort of super-Mara using his powers for good. If that doesn’t happen, some further revelations about the plane of existence beyond the thinny would also be good.

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4 out of 5