Haven: Exposure review

Haven has a few convenient moments this week, but still moves things along nicely. Here's Rebecca's review...

This Haven review contains spoilers.

And now, the question of the hour: What does Mara know about Duke’s mother? Is she Duke’s mother? Man. I hope she is not Duke’s mother. It’s hard enough on the rare occasion when Duke opens up about his upsetting childhood, hearing about the time his mom propositioned him in exchanged for drugs was grim enough — I don’t need (nor do any us) the added terror of Mara the awful revealing herself as his mother. It’s just too much.

I don’t think, thankfully, that’s the direction in which Haven is going. At least, I hope not. This week when Duke opened up to Mara (for the sake of saving Nathan from a photo-based Trouble, hence the episode’s title) it was less about moving the plot forward and more about showing us the subtly shifting alliances within the central cast members. Mara points out that the only reason she stayed alive when Duke brought Audrey back was because some part of him wants her around. What remains to be seen is why exactly he does – curious, good curious, but curious all the same.

This week, last week’s fake-ghost Trouble was resolved. It wasn’t the strongest Trouble of the season, in fact I go so far as to the say that it might just have been the weakest. If I were grasping I could say that the Trouble was meant to reinforced Audrey and Nathan’s closeness now that she has returned, but even that feels like I’m reaching. Part of me wishes that the Trouble had been more complex, or that Nathan WAS actually a ghost. If that were the case the stakes would have stayed exactly where they’ve been since the season began: Sky high. Instead, it was an easy fix complete with a Scooby-Doo “…and I would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t you meddling kids” moment.

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What the Trouble of the Week lacked for in power was, however, thankfully supplied by the antics of Dave and Vince. When Dave points out to Vince that the biopsy of the leg wound he gained while dangling in the void (maybe the best string of words I’ve ever written) would endanger not just himself but Haven and all of its secrets, they beat a hasty retreat from Raleigh and head home. But trouble (with a little ‘t’) follows them in the form of the CDC. They are curious about Dave which puts all of town at risk.

I don’t think it’s likely that the Ebola scare was happening when this particular installment was penned, but it is an interesting coincidence. This was a strong episode for the brothers, who I now fully believe deserve their own spin-off where they go on roadtrips and get into different shenanigans.

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3 out of 5