Grimm Season 6 Episode 8 Review: The Son Also Rises

Grimm toys with the Frankenstein legend in "The Son Also Rises."

This Grimm review contains spoilers

Grimm Season 6 Episode 8

“No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness.” – Mary Wollstonecraft 

“The Son Also Rises” was an ode to Frankenstein, including one of the characters being named Dr. Shelley. Not very subtle on the writers’ behalf for viewers familiar with regeneration and reanimation.

People perform foolish, heroic and ill-advised acts for ones they love. The father is riddled with guilt and enlists the help of fellow well-heeled scientists to do things that might make history. Their journey included illegal steps, and karma as the perpetual hall monitor made each pay a steep price.

Do Wesen have origins in outer space? How interesting it would be to bridge the old with the current as Team Grimm continues along their against-the-clock Angels & Demons research into star constellations and hieroglyphics.

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The past and present comingle, while the future is a few steps ahead and off-center of the main characters. Eve’s hands remain full with the green-eyed demon first seen when she lingered between worlds. Why is she linked to this creature when no one else is? What need does Eve fulfill for this creature?

Is there any truth to her once having a pure soul temporarily lost or suppressed due her hexanbiest transformation? If this bears out, it would fit into tonight’s rebirth theme. Adeline wouldn’t be a good sacrificial candidate because she was born, not made, a hexanbiest. In hindsight, Eve is an updated version of the Frankenstein story, minus the cadavers and electricity. The magically reassembling mirror was a bit much, yet I accept the topical spirit in which it was meant.

What’s old is new again, if only in Nick’s mind, while reminiscing about his romantic past with Juliette. There’s no rebooting the clock for those two given her involvement in Nick’s mom’s beheading.

Captain Renard enlisted the help of a Russian contact to make sense of Diana’s drawings. He can’t help but poke his nose where it doesn’t belong now that he’s free of Meisner’s haunting. The woman doesn’t offer viewers any insight into the cryptic symbols, however it’s more than Sean knew prior to their video conference call.

The research pressure, in addition to everything else, weighed differently on Monroe’s mind. What might the future hold for him as a new father? The normally helpful Wieder Blutbad met his match in a nightmarish expedited delivery with one too many babies he couldn’t handle.

Who or what might have triggered Eve’s potential regeneration to her former witch self? Prior to tonight’s episode she’d been unable to maintain a wogued state.

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Was tonight a standalone episode, or was it intended to pull back the cover on the original Grimms? Since the beginning of time, there have been supernatural crime fighters, this is their story. Once we know the where and how, will we then accept Team Grimm in a flash forward as many shows are wont to do when they end?


3 out of 5