Grimm season 6 episode 9 review: Tree People

Tree People is a solid Grimm episode that brings out this show's rich sense of fun and creepiness...

This review contains spoilers.

If you go into the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…This week Grimm taught us all a lesson in why we should respect the environment, or face mother nature fighting back in a pretty gruesome way.

It’s not Wesen that the gang are hunting this time, but ancient tree creatures that seek revenge on anyone who damages or disrespects the environment, in this case poachers and polluters. As police officers Nick and Hank can’t let the disappearance of Portland residents slide, even if they are the worst kind of humans, and the creatures – a Kinoshimobe and a Jubokko tree – are merely defending their home from attack.

The theme fits right in with Portland’s reputation as a home for outdoorsy, nature-loving folks who take preserving the environment seriously – and the story throws up some interesting questions around how far do you let nature do its job. I would have left the tree people to exact their own style of revenge, but that’s me.

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There are also some great visuals of the victims being absorbed into the Jubokko, as we see their terrified faces forever etched into the ancient tree.

On top of that it provides some of the best one-liners the show has ever thrown up. For instance, Wu comes out with this gem when discussing the victims’ crimes against nature, “and I’m not talking about the bible-thumping, sex-kind.” Amazing. (He also manages to get in the phrase “womb with a view”, which is a gold medal-worthy pun.)

Wu’s wordless reactions throughout this episode are priceless too, particularly as more of the Wesen world unfolds to him through the other characters’ stories. Without question, the comedic element of the show has improved a hundred percent by the addition of Wu to Grimm’s little team of warriors.

Coming a close second in quips is Monroe, who, freaked out by the scary skull guy in the mirror, suggests the gang implement a buddy system if they need to check out their reflection. Which of course, they do.

It’s left to Diana and her supernatural powers to inform the gang that the creature in the mirror is a taster of something yet to come, as indicated in the symbols on the cloth. It’s all very vague; all we’re told is that whatever will happen will occur through the mirror, “on the other side”. Again, we continue to be teased as to what may happen in the final few episodes, without any big reveal as yet.

Similarly, Renard’s conversations with Siberian symbols expert Dasha still haven’t thrown any light on what’s in store for the gang, so we’re treading water there too.

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Overall, this was a solid episode that brought out the show’s sense of fun, while providing some solid creepy moments in the forest. We’re none the wiser about any of the bigger themes at work (has Black Claw now disappeared entirely, despite claiming it was out for a revenge a few weeks ago?) so this indicates the last few episodes will really have to ramp up the action to give us the finale the show deserves.

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