Grimm Season 6 Episode 4 Review: El Cuegle

Grimm asks one of those age old questions about what to do about the past when you know someone's future.

This Grimm review contains spoilers.

Grimm Season 6 Episode 4

“Foretold our fate, by the gods’ decree, all heard and none believed the prophecy.” – The Aeneid, Book II

It was a challenge not viewing “El Cuegle” through the current political lens of human rights, boundaries and expectations. If one had the ability to leapfrog several years in advance, would more people consent to sacrificing newborns and toddlers? Most parents love their children, even those who grow up to disappoint, become sociopaths, serial killers, and politicians.

The villain, a three-eyed cannibalistic Wesen that’s able to see the past, present and future of predicted evil newborns, if left alive, would grow up to commit mayhem, murder and assorted atrocities. How can one accurately predict the future in either the magical or real world?

Viewers remain in the dark about the meaning and consequences of the stick, the cloth, and an increasing number of symbols. Are they signs and portents of evil to come? We accept that Nick, Rosalee, and Monroe represent Portland’s past. Eve and her updated hexenbiest abilities, before the accident, pushed the clock into the present. No doubt that Diana stands for the unknown future.

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We’re not done with Meisner, who continues to haunt Renard for double-crossing and shooting him. The visions are brought on by his guilty conscience, and Meisner’s unresolved business. Black Claw’s upset that Renard’s political career has ended. If only someone within their organization could’ve seen that happening! Diana’s fortune-telling ability is growing, yet not as accurate.

Renard’s not the only one struggling with believing what he sees. The mother of the kidnapped baby knows what she saw and heard in the nursery, however her husband casts doubts on her mental health. Eve’s nearing the edge of her sanity as she again crosses over into the death realm. Added to her list of woes, she has to deal with the fallout from unearthing the box from its hidden chamber. Her flashbacks feel all too real. Provable facts, wishful thinking, and pure lies are at odds in this chapter.

There’s only so much magic that can impact the human world with competing agendas of good versus evil. Fate reared its head in a familiar Greek tragedian fashion by episode’s end.

Will Rosalee and Monroe continue living in Portland with everything around them constantly changing as expectant parents? Who and what will their children grow up to become?


3.5 out of 5