From Dusk Till Dawn: Boxman Review

This episode should be called something more descriptive, like Enter The Labyrinth or something...

This week’s episode takes us into the trials mentioned last episode, except its not Trials so much as a very strange labyrinth. When we last left everyone, Richie was being bitten, Scott had joined the fanged side, and the others were lost if well-armed after their run in with Sgt Frost. We start with a flashback of Richie saving Seth from a fire as kids. I thought it was an unusual flashback to start with, until the episode unraveled and we got further explanation, but I digress…

The main group gets separated fairly early on, as Seth found his way to Richie, thinking they’d found a way outside but it was actually a … hallucination(?). The depths of the temple, the labyrinth, is a mental one and as they had flashes of past events and knowledge in previous episodes, the labyrinth makes those within find their way through memories and ‘puzzles’ in order to make it through. This is an interesting approach to a labyrinth, but it also begs the question “Is there a Minotaur within?”, so to speak? It certainly likes to mess with the Geckos, changing the memories, adding obstacles that weren’t originally there, etc. Mind Games.

Seth and Richie take some weird turns getting through their labyrinth, including an oh-so-fun family reunion between Seth and his dad (the one who burned up in the flashback). Richie on the other hand is trying to convince their mark to let him prove himself, maybe by letting him up into the penthouse he needs to be in and cracking open the safe he means to steal from anyway. The mark, by the way, is played by William Sadler, who is both an awesome actor and has plenty of geek and star cred. He’s been in Star Trek: Deep Space 9RoswellIron Man 3Disturbing BehaviorDie Hard 2The Green Mile and too many other awesomes to list here. Richie becomes one with his Culebra-ness as he snakes out (vamps out) and becomes a little more comfortable in his new skin.

Seth, on the other hand, has a disturbing piece of information put in his path on his way through this trial. New question for us: Will he confront Richie about it (probably) or keep it to himself/write it off as the labyrinth messing with his head? Do we think it’s true? Heck yeah. The labyrinth has told the truth so far with visions of the past, so I am inclined to believe it for now.

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Meanwhile, the rest of the group gets split up, rather purposefully, and while Gonzalez and Jacob are trapped for a bit by a couple of Culebras, Sex Machine takes Kate and seems to want to sacrifice her on the temple altar with the knife, which he stole from Gonzalez. Jacob and Gonzalez figure it out, and are trying to figure out how to get past the pair of biters when Scott comes by and… uniquely solves the problem. This leaves it prepped for last week’s question: How’s Jacob going to react? He’s his son, but he’s a vamp, but he saved them… but he ate them… yeah, I don’t envy you Jacob. Tough Call.

As the series continues to deviate from the movie and take us down the snake hole into it’s depths, it’s doing well in that we keep getting more questions than answers. To me, that’s always important in a continuing storyline like this, since it keeps us guessing and engaged. As we get more answers and more questions, the story continues to unfold. So how pissed am I going to be after next week’s Season Finale? I guess it depends on how many questions we have unanswered and where they leave it.

So, here’s some thoughts on what I think (and hope) is coming. There’s a few possibilities, but I’ll run my best case and worst case scenario.

Best case scenario: they make it through the labyrinth with another half-episode-length bit of mind games and we see Santanico set free and her being free and what might happen next is where they leave it off, since it leaves the least amount of annoying questions hanging now that we know what happened with Jacob’s wife, we’ll see what happens to Scott and we’ll see what happens with Kate all in short order. That one would be decent, but its not what worries me.

Here’s what worries me: They’ll get through another mind game, think they’ve won. It’s only the beginning, they’re trapped. Meanwhile, the Kate situation could go from bad to worse quick, and not just with her death; the Scott situation has three ways it can go (death, acceptance, tries to eat them cuz he’s an out-of-control vampire teen), so not too much I’m worried about there.

The last thing I worry about is that they focus on something completely different and we have no idea what happens with any of the above mentioned storylines. THAT would annoy me.

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So what are your thoughts? What do you hope for/what are you afraid of for the season finale?

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4.5 out of 5