From Dusk Till Dawn: Let’s Get Ramblin’ Review

Convergence is awesome as the storylines meet this week on From Dusk Till Dawn.

“I could see inside her.” – Richie

It happened. Even before the credits, the storylines are starting to converge… It starts with Kate almost running over Seth (I’m sure she regretted avoiding him later), and they gave each other a look. Everyone’s staying at the same motel, and all we needed to do was wait and see what happens.

Dad and Scott got hijacked first, while Kate sits at the pool, reading a copy of the police report on her dad’s accident where her mother died. Looks like dad wasn’t drunk driving; he was speeding and they were fighting when the car flipped over. The flashback she gets seems to imply there was something wrong with her mom even before the accident. It looks like migraines were the cover story, but not actually what was going on. Considering the plethora of options, it could be anything from possession to schizophrenia. Hopefully, they’ll give us some more detail from Father Jacob’s point of view later.

Kate dives in the pool (even though there’s a no diving sign. Way to stay safe, Kate!) as Richie finds her and, of course, has a vision of her dead in a blood-filled pool. They proceed to have a heart to heart, while Richie is practicing his new sight muscles, and hitting some pretty impressive nails on the head. Not only is he seeing, he’s learning how to interpret what he’s seeing, going with his instincts.

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Back in flashback-land, we see Gonzalez and Earl sweeping through a house, which turns into a lovely gore-fest. We’re talking arterial spray, and awesomely done. Present-day Gonzalez is starting to feel the effects of the ritual dagger, and it seems to stab him when he grabbed it. Apparently, the dagger really wants to be with Richie instead of him and is happy to mess with his head to do so. Kudos must be given for this entire exchange. Gonzalez, after the knife’s done messing with him, comes upon Seth’s ex trying to get away from the Kahuna Burger after shooting that cop last week and helping Seth get away. Gonzalez gets her to give up Seth pretty easily, even telling him Seth switched to the Camaro that she beat up last week, and that he’s at the motel.

Richie tried to convince Seth about the visions and what’s happening to him (again) with no success. Gonzalez did rounds around the hotel, finding the carved up teller in the process and called it in. Richie is still using his Sight to get everyone out safe, even if no one is paying attention as to how (except for us). Richie definitely showed us some badass moves with the Sight now under his control instead of controlling him. He was able to avoid two police officers, make his way to Kate and Seth, get them both out safely and even made Jacob park the Winnebago exactly in the right spot (in advance) so that Seth and Gonzalez landed safely on top of it instead of hitting pavement and possibly getting hurt much worse. I’d say that’s pretty cool.

The blood and gore from the flashbacks combined with Richie’s creepiness factor towards Kate and Scott are (hopefully) all hitting home with lovers of the original movie, since they’re keeping in line with the movie’s tone and feel. Seth continues to display the swagger and no-nonsense badass that George Clooney did, and did so effortlessly. I’m continuing to be impressed by D.J. Cotrona’s portrayal. The deeper take on Richie, making his mindset more understandable and giving it a supernatural reason, at least to me, is a brilliant way of taking a character trait one might initially pay little attention to and bringing it to the foreground.

Now on track with the original movie and plot lines converged, where do we go from here? Are we reaching that lovely den of sin in Mexico right away or are we going to see a bit more drama before they make it? While it’s still early in the season, I’m hoping they don’t prolong the arrival too much. It would suck if the entire season was about getting there.

What do you guys think? Let us know!

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4.5 out of 5