From Dusk Till Dawn Season Finale Review: The Take

The season finale of From Dusk Till Dawn doesn't disappoint as El Rey brings it to a fitting close.

If you all read last week’s review, you know I had my hopes and fears regarding this week’s season finale, but “The Take” didn’t disappoint and left just enough resolved so that it can serve as a fitting end just in case it doesn’t get renewed (though I hope it does). For those who haven’t seen it yet, I warn that spoilers are below!

They managed to stay true to the original movie’s feel while making slight changes to reflect the amplified storyline and the differences in character plot and development, which is a wonderful accomplishment in my book. Making the song at the end of the movie the same as the song at the end of the season was a nice touch, too. 

On the Scott/Jacob family confrontation that we were left hanging on last week, I got a bit of both my best and worst scenario as Jacob wasn’t able to kill Scott (totally understandable), but Scott was far enough gone to la-la land that he thought turning the rest of his family was a great idea, biting Jacob and resenting Jacob and Kate both for turning him down. Not that he made a great argument in the first place, just saying… Kate is forced to make the decision about Jacob that he himself was forced to deal with when Scott was concerned (ironic plot twist) and true to the original movie, Jacob is no more.

Seth and Richie, after a quick confrontation where Richie admits to killing their dad, make it through the end of the labyrinth and Richie swallows a magic snake as a prize… Nope, not a metaphor. Richie then gets kidnapped by Carlos and Narcisso, now that Carlos openly betrayed Santanico, which we got to see sprout bat wings in her utter pissed-off ire towards them as they took Richie. This leads to a ransom demand of all the bonds instead of the agreed percentage, and a rescue mission where Richie gets rescued but the money is lost. Bummer. Most of the vamp party holding Richie gets killed, but of course Carlos and Narcisso live to bite another day. Bummer, but like I said… too good a character to kill just yet.

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Ranger Gonzalez has a vision (care of the snake temple) of his daughter grown up without him there which leads him to finally let the Gecko quest go, but not before making sure he got Kate out as well. While we know he’s going back to protect his family, this is obviously not a “get out of being part of a vampire hunter bloodline free” card, so there’s always hope for seeing him in Season 2 appearances.

So, where does that leave everyone? Seth and Kate drive off into the sunrise together (which I always thought should have happened in the original movie, by the way), Richie and Santanico drive off together after a quickie ritual where both he and the snake inside him bite her and the sun fries all her follower vamp girls, and somewhere deep in the temple’s labyrinth, Carlos is being re-trained by the 9 Lords. What? Scott? Oh, he’s somewhere in the temple too, hanging back and trying to see if Season 2 will keep him around with Carlos as a mentor, I should think.

So, what are your thoughts fellow geeks? How did the season finale sit with you? What do you hope for in Season 2, El Rey willing? Until next season, bite safely.

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5 out of 5