Flight Of The Conchords season 2 episode 6 review

In our latest Flight Of The Conchords review, we find the boys writing songs about epileptic dogs...

6. Love Is A Weapon Of Choice

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Out for a jog on a nice sunny day, Jemaine and Bret are stopped by a woman (Saturday Night Live‘s Kristen Wiig) who is looking for her missing dog – an epileptic terrier named Charlie. Having not seen the dog, the boys make their apologies, carry on jogging and start singing We’re Both In Love With A Sexy Lady, which is a take on an R-Kelly song, before they realise that they’re singing about, and are in love with, the same girl.

After finishing the song, and rounding up various dogs from around the park, they meet up with the woman again. They’re informed that none of the dogs belong to her and shown a picture of her dog, Charlie, in a kitten costume. She introduces herself to the boys – Jemaine hears ‘Barbara’ whilst Bret hears ‘Brahbrah’ – and gives them her number in case they find Charlie.

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In attempts to impress Barbara / Brahbrah, the boys both decide to write songs about epileptic dogs. They’re interrupted when she calls Bret and makes plans to go out for dinner at 7 and then asks to speak to Jemaine and arranges to meet him at 8.

Whilst on the date with Bret, Brahbrah tells him that she thinks Jemaine’s glasses make him look intelligent. Bret insists that he isn’t and tells her of the song he’s writing about epileptic dogs. The date is cut short when Jemaine turns up 15 minutes early for his date, with flowers in hand. Against Bret’s protests his date is cut short, but he’s advised that they can spend 15 minutes together anytime.

Jemaine starts his date and Barbara tells him that she likes Bret’s beard and that he looks like a puppy dog. Jemaine sets out to convince her that Bret’s no good and that he’s planning to write a song about epileptic dogs AND he’s planning to hold a fundraiser.

On Bret and Brahbrah’s second date, Bret shows up wearing Jemaine’s glasses – which he stole whilst Jemaine was in the shower – and tells her that he’s in the process of creating a cure for epilepsy, despite not being a vet or a doctor. This is fine though, as he’s tried it and he hasn’t had any seizures. The date is cut short when she receives a call saying that Charlie has been found and leaves to meet someone in a bar to discuss the details.

When she arrives at the bar she sees Jamaine, sans glasses, with a nice new stuck on beard and one of Bret’s jumpers. Recognising that Charlie hadn’t been found, she leaves to continue her search.

Later, the boys are in the studio laying down their track for epileptic dogs. Murray’s confused that he can hear a piano playing, as he can’t see one in the room. The boys try to explain that it’s a backing track but Murray’s none the wiser. Barbara / Brahbrah shows up during the recording session and Bret and Jemaine try to out do each other during a take. They end up challenging each other to a duel which leads them to perform Love Is A Weapon Of Choice, which seems to be a mix of Bonnie Tyler and Meatloaf.

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On to the fundraiser, whilst waiting to perform, Jemaine and Bret are approached by Barbara / Brahbrah who says that she has found Charlie and is holding a dog that isn’t a terrier and bears no resemblance to the Charlie in her picture. It turns out that the dog is called Mocha when the rightful owner comes to get his dog.

The boys take to the stage to perform the benefit, to what seems to be their biggest crowd to date. They launch into a tender song about epileptic dogs that includes such lyrical gems as “Somewhere there’s a golden retriever who’s having a seizure, Somewhere there’s a pup seizin’ up, And there’s a labrador who’s shakin’ on the floor”. All goes well until the boys launch into the remix, complete with strobe lights, that causes the epileptic dogs in attendance to have seizures. This part provided me with the biggest laugh of the series so far. I think it was a combination of Jemaine’s moves and the inappropriateness of it all.

Following the performance Barbara / Brahbrah has a word with Bret and Jemaine, who both think the gig was a success. The boys start to argue before Murray breaks it up and explains that the lads fancy her and she should make a decision as to who she likes the best. Barbara / Brahbrah seems confused as she thought that they were a gay couple. The boys are confused as to why she would think this and Mel turns up with a picture she has made which shows Bret and Jemaine as a couple with a baby. Barbarah / Brahbrah explains that she spent equal amounts of times with the boys because she thought that they were both gay, but if they’re straight she would rather spend time with Bret. She also says that her name is Brahbrah, as Bret thought. Whilst Brahbrah and Bret are walking away to get some coffee, she says that Charlie has been missing for six years.

Another cracking episode, which included, possibly, the biggest laugh of the series. The lack of Dave was disappointing but Kristen Wiig was fantastic as Brahbrah.

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