Fallout’s Biggest Guest Stars and Cameos: From Knight Titus to Honcho

Prime Video's Fallout adaptation features many guest actors of note. Here are all the faces and names you might recognize.

Power Suit in Fallout
Photo: Prime Video

This article contains casting spoilers for all eight episodes of Fallout.

The Fallout gaming franchise presents a big storytelling universe to play in. And that’s exactly what drew showrunners Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner to the Prime Video TV adaptation in the first place.

“It’s more creatively interesting to be able to build our own story in the world that they’ve carved out for us,” Wagner told Den of Geek. “That’s historically been the trajectory of Fallout. It’s traded hands many times, with different creative teams taking it over. It’s kept it fresh, kept it relevant. We chose to just vainly look at this as our Fallout.”

Of course, a big storytelling universe also requires a big cast to fill it up. Prime Video’s Fallout isn’t wanting for compelling lead characters thanks to Lucy MacLean (Ella Purnell), Maximus (Aaron Moten), and The Ghoul (Walton Goggins). It’s the rest of the guest cast, however, that makes this post-apocalyptic landscape feel truly lived in.

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What follows is a sampling of the most notable guest stars who appear throughout the eight episodes of Fallout season 1.

Mykelti Williamson as Honcho

Honcho appears in the final scene of episode 1 as the leader of the crew of bounty hunters who seek to raise The Ghoul from his slumber under the dirt. Playing Honcho is Mykelti Williamson, who has had quite the impressive Hollywood career. Naturally, he’s most widely remembered for playing Benjamin Buford “Bubba” Blue in the Oscar-winning film Forrest Gump. But he also has many other roles of note under his belt. He even previously acted opposite his Fallout scene partner Walton Goggins in season 3 of Justified as Ellstin Limehouse.

Michael Rapaport as Knight Titus

The reveal of hallowed Knight Titus’s real identity is one of Fallout goofiest early season jokes. Because under the helmet isn’t a fearsome post-apocalyptic warlord type but comedic actor and media personality Michael Rapaport. Known for his distinctive New York accent and strong opinions on most things, Rapaport has popped up in all sorts of things over the years like True Romance, Deep Blue Sea, and Boston Public. Like Goggins and Williamson, he’s yet another Justified alum. Unlike Goggins and Williamson though, his Justified character is not remembered fondly.

Jon Daly as Snake Oil Salesman

A recurring theme throughout most of Fallout‘s guest stars is a notable background in comedy. The mysterious snake oil salesman with a penchant for uh…making love to chickens is played by comedy heavyweight Jon Daly. Daly is well known on the improv and podcast circuit, having been a regular performer at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre for 10 years. To mainstream audiences, he’s likely best known for his roles in Masterminds, Zoolander 2, or The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. To this writer, however, his crowning achievement will always be the “Pawnsylvania” sketches on Kroll Show.

Matt Berry as Mr. Handy, Snip Snip, and Sebastian Leslie

Is there a more recognizable voice in entertainment right now that Matt Berry’s? TV fans have come to love his dramatic dialect from his roles in The IT Crowd, Toast of London, and What We Do in the Shadows. Here he lends his voice to several robots, including Mr. Handy and Snip Snip. He then gets to show up in the flesh later in the season as the actor Sebastian Leslie.

Dale Dickey as Ma June

Ma June serves as Lucy’s proper introduction to Filly and with it, the lawlessness of the surface world. Playing this rugged figure is character actress Dale Dickey. There’s almost no point in even beginning to list Dickey’s C.V. because she’s been in virtually everything. Here’s a brief attempt though: Iron Man 3, Hell or High Water, Breaking Bad, My Name is Earl, and of course: Justified.

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Michael Cristofer as Elder Cleric Quintus

Elder Cleric Quintus is the leader of Maximus’s Brotherhood of Steel guild. Playing him is an appropriately steely character actor named Michael Cristofer. This New Jersery-born writer, director, and performer has been embodying heavy roles since the mid ’70s. To current TV audiences he is likely best known as the villainous Phillip Price on Mr. Robot.

Michael Emerson as Dr. Siggi Wilzig

Speaking of villains: it’s Michael Emerson! Emerson has had a fruitful career playing all manner of weirdos and creeps on television. Some of his best TV roles include William Hinks on The Practice, Ben Linus on Lost, Harold Finch on Person of Interest, and Leland Townsend on Evil. Interestingly enough, his Fallout character Dr. Siggi Wilzig appears to be one of the few non-terrible people in the Wasteland.

Chris Parnell as Ben

As Lucy and Maximus make their way into Vault 4, they are stunned to see that its Overseer, Ben, just happens to be a Cyclops. Nobody makes a big deal of it, which is nice. Playing the kindly monocular man is comedic actor Chris Parnell. Parnell was a cast member on Saturday Night Live for eight seasons. Since then he’s been a versatile comedic performer with important roles on 30 Rock, Archer, Rick and Morty, and more.

Glenn Fleshler as Sorrel Booker

Sorrel Booker is the de facto president of The Wasteland but even he is properly deferential to The Ghoul. Perhaps that’s because the actor who plays him knows a good villain when he sees one. Glenn Fleshler came to prominence playing Errol Childress – the big bad of True Detective season 1. In addition to that, he’s also had major roles on Boardwalk Empire, Billions, and Barry.

Fred Armisen as DJ Carl

Fred Armisen is the second SNL alum to appear in Fallout. Granted, we only hear his distinctive voice first before finally meeting the radio DJ at the end of the world. Armisen is a versatile comedic performer who you likely know from the shows he co-created – Portlandia and Documentary Now! – and also pretty much every other network sitcom ever made.

Erik Estrada as Adam

Ponch! Erik Estrada is one of the more interesting cameos in Fallout season 1. First introduced to audiences as a California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer in the NBC series CHiPs, Estrada has gone on to become a beloved pop culture figure.

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All eight episodes of Fallout are available to stream on Prime Video now.