Doctor Who: why Rose Tyler was talking funny

Wondering why Billie Piper was slurring her words in Turn Left? She may have the answer for you...

Like many, we were perplexed when the character of Rose Tyler returned to Doctor Who as to why she was speaking in such a slurry, funny accent. Has actress Billie Piper been out on the lash the night before? Has she had major surgery somewhere around her face that meant she couldn’t talk properly? Was she at the dentists the day before?

None of the above, it seems. For Billie Piper has now given an interview to the Radio Times, presumably to advertise the fact that she’s taking her clothes off again for that call girl programme, and has cleared the matter up. Apparently, it was all down to the cold. “”Maybe it was really cold and my lips were tense, because we were shooting in the middle of winter and I’m always in a tiny leather jacket”, Piper mused in the interview.

Interestingly, she also mentioned that one of the crew had picked up on the problem. Her voice went back to normal in the final two episodes of the series, so presumably it was all a bit warmer then.

Mystery solved, then.

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