Continuum Season 3 Finale Review: Last Minute

The Continuum season finale is a perfect way to go out, whether they come back or not....

The finale of Continuum season 3 gives us the team-up everyone’s been waiting for! Like a good heist movie, everyone had their role to play in the skillful deception to bring Halo and Piron down. Showrunner, Simon Barry, has always enjoyed season finales that throw everything up in the air, and this year was no exception.

The crazy thing is it almost didn’t happen. If Piron Alec hadn’t sent assassins after his other self and Emily, they may have been content to leech his money and go on their merry way. Likewise, Kiera seemed happy to live the simple life with Brad in a cabin in the woods. “I never knew I could want so little so much,” she says right before the kiss – yes, an actual kiss! What a satisfying moment for the ‘shippers out there (and okay maybe me)! But as a result of Alec and Emily’s decision to return to the cabin, wheels were set in motion.

And how great was it seeing the team all gathered in the old SadTech lab? Even Jason was there! But as soon as it’s revealed that Piron Alec may be pursuing time travel once more, Kiera says the need a plan, and apparently the man for the job is Travis! My reaction was the same as Lucas’ upon realizing that Liber8 would be joining the fight: “Whatever this is, I am IN!”

Finally, FINALLY, Kiera’s awakening has the payoff of bringing the freedom fighters and the show’s hero together in a common goal. The slow reveal at the Halo launch of first one then another player in the scheme to switch Alecs was pure joy. Garza’s beard disguise, the Liber8 rhetoric distraction, the purposely missed sniper shots, the gassing of the elevator, even the surprising arrest of Emily – all of it just worked perfectly!

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Except, of course, that the exchange of one Alec for another was detected almost immediately. Was the disruption enough to take down Halo? Whatever the case may be, the confrontation between the Alecs was enough to make a decisive change, one which found the audience alternately reveling in and abhorring the gory end to the Piron CEO.

But was the change enough? The use of the beacon (so THAT’S what that thing is for!) as a test to see if Brad’s apocalyptic future will still come to pass was a brilliant plot device: if no one gets the signal, then nothing happens. The perfect anti-climactic climax! Except that Kellog has taken charge of Piron, and he has every intention of using his newfound power to take advantage of his future knowledge. And so someone DID receive the beacon’s signal!

Who are the soldiers from the future? Are they Brad’s colleagues bent on the destruction of present-day Vancouver? Or perhaps an alternate future’s Terminator-like androids seeking the annihilation of humanity? The ending to this season was the perfect finale to keep me satisfied until next spring. Although a season 4 is not yet assured, an ending like this demands a continuation.

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5 out of 5