Continuum: Revolutions Per Minute review

Continuum lays the groundwork for an explosive ending! Here's our review...

It’s time to decide what we as an audience want for Kiera. Her “awakening” a few episodes ago has resulted in only subtle changes in her personality and motivations, rather than the massive transformation into conquering hero I was kind of expecting, however unjustifiably.

In “Revolutions Per Minute,” for example, she interprets the phrase “No More Bettys” much more unequivocally and admirably than Dillon, who originally uttered those words, by pulling Christine, the Inspector’s daughter, from her ill-advised infiltration of Liber8. Heroic! But on the flip side of that, she decides the fate of thousands by not allowing the Flash-based Alzheimer’s drug to go to market. Who is she to make that choice, when the advancement could have led to a permanent cure? And her decision plays into Liber8’s hands! Do we consider this a good development or a bad judgment call? Like I said, we have to decide.

Alec is no help, since he provokes Kiera to total revulsion when she discovers what he did to the other Kiera’s skull and why. Alec reacting by withholding the key bit of information about her new roommate, Brad (née John Doe), could lead to rough times ahead. That was a great moment of drama in this episode, but obviously it was not meant to please.

What did please me was Jason’s return to lucidity upon wearing the improved Halo bracelet. Although the clarity was short-lived, it made me realize how powerful Alec could be with a more sane Jason helping him to advance Piron at a quicker-than-history pace.

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Another neck-hair tingler was the moment of realization when Brad recognized Matthew Kellog but not the name Alec Sadler. Is he perhaps from an even darker future where Kellog rules as all-powerful oligarch? It kind of clashes with my idea of Kellog as a fun, self-centered, apolitical money addict, but hey, it could happen.

What’s more likely, hopefully, is the long-awaited rise of Theseus. Julian’s grassroots support group led by Rebecca didn’t work last season, and his media punditry never really took off this year. Perhaps he will be better suited to the position of Piron’s Vice President of Social Responsibility. Although I can’t really picture Julian shilling for Halo, it’s possible the general public relations gig will work to his advantage. I find myself rooting for Julian; anyone who can move Sonya to tears with words on a page gets my backing.

I feel like this episode expertly laid the groundwork for an explosive final three episodes with all of the loose ends from the season being tied up nice and tidy. I sure hope so! With the fate of Continuum’s renewal for season 4 still in the balance, a cliffhanger may not be the most welcome sight in the world!

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4 out of 5